Worldwide Church of God collapse

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  • whathappened

    This site shows Armstrong claims he was never a JW. My mom said he was, I remember quite clearly, when I was a little girl about 50 plus years ago.

  • Phizzy

    Welcome Cog ! and thanks for an informative and well written post, more of the same will be fascinating !

    I found the following statement of yours particularly interesting:

    "A few people went off the deep end because the Church was their control and they had little internal self conrol".

    If the WT/JW's were to implode (don't hold your breath) then I think the incidence of this amongst them would be very common. The vast majority of JW's have no conscience of their own, they look to the WT to dictate their every thought and action, they do not think for themselves as to what is right and wrong, it is all WT determined.

    Such people do not have a moral compass of their own to guide them, they will be left rudderless in a sea of choices, few will master the skills necessary to make good choices quickly enough, many will go totally amoral.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Welcome. My grandparents flirted with WCOG before joining the witnesses. I find the parallels very interesting.

  • BorgHater

    Hi, welcome to the forum Cog. Here is a link to a video that Dogpatch (Randy watters) former bethelite from

    Called to be Free - Dissolution of the Worldwide Church of God

  • donny

    Terry/Jamie - It is funny finding out how many others were also told that H.W. was the evil slave. It's amazing how much JW thought was based on rumor since they were always giving talks and writing articles about the evils of gossip.

    Didn't the WWCG also think there was something was significant about 1975?

  • Quandry


    I worked with a woman who had been in the Church. She didn't want to talk about it much..even though she knew I'd been a JW. The pain runs deep. She alluded to things, though, and it seems that most of her family-close and extended-had been involved, and that the Church had caused her much pain. She e-mailed me last year telling me that she'd joined some Church group and asking me to visit it with her (Noooooo, I couldn't do that).

  • cog_survivor

    Donny - 1975 was supposed to be the year Christ returned. It came and went and Herbert Armstrong started yelling a people for saying he set dates. He only said it "might" happen. The people were to blame for twisting his words.

    Never mind that he published this in his 1967 United States and Britain in World Prophecy:

    "A staggering turn in world events is due to erupt in the next four to seven years. I will involve violently the United States, Britain, Europe and the Middle East" The book then goes through his convoluted reasoning to wind up that this violent involvement will be the Great Tribulation.

    Binadub - No, I didn't know Leroy Neff. I was too low on the foodchain:) But he was over the church's accounting department if I remember correctly and ended up going with the United Church of God that split off after the changes by the Tkach's were instituted

  • binadub


    He's my uncle.
    Interesting thing is I didn't know about his WWCoG affiliation until after I left the WT religion--only that they had moved to Pasadena and he was a "big shot" in some religion my mother told me.
    Because of this relationship, I was able to attend a couple of regional conferences as his guest that was not otherwise open to the public.
    I also had lunch in the executive dining room at Ambassador College once. All of this during Tkach's reign.

    We had an interesting brief discussion about Babylon the Great one time.


  • pepperheart
    I loved taking the plain truth to trash
  • violias

    My father had " The pain truth" coming to our home in the 60's and I used to always read it. It did read a lot like the wts literature , at that time. I heard the rumors about him being a jws too but older jws knew he was not one of them nor ever had been. I also knew about his son, Garner Ted Armstrong who I believe was DF'd or whatever they were calling it .

    If my mom had not been so determined to be a jws, I could have ended up with the COG.

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