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  • Amazing

    Hi Kent:

    Regarding ego war you stated, "Don't you think you're running pretty hard yourself just at the moment?"


    Regarding Citing a single example of my exploding you stated, "Well - your response to my posting is one example - and it's not that old either."

    Not a sufficient example ... timeliness is not due to a state-of-mind.

    Regarding your claim that I still act like a JW Elder, I asked yuou to cite even one specific example. Your response, "No problems my friend. Take a look at this one from your latest post: 'Kent, your entire comments have no basis in fact or reality ... you are a jonny-come-lately to something that you do not conprehend.'"

    So, if I disagree with Kent, that ois gorund for being labeled "Still a JW Elder." Sorry, Kent, that does not wash as evidence, exc ept if we apply that same standard, the by your disagreeing with me, that make you stilla JW in your heart or a JW Elder. No. Poor logic. has nothing to do with JW Elder behavior.

    You stated, "Unfortunately, Amazing, I'm not a member of the "Super-race" that comprehend everything us normal shitheads don't."

    Kent, comprehension I speak of comes from the fact that you admitted that you didn't read all the issues, thus admitting your lack of being informed ... hence, how can you possibly comprehend something you admit you don't understand? I and others were lied about, and had the crap kicked out of us, verbally, and so we stood up to defend ourselves ... that is all there is too it ... and those we stood up to culd not comes back with any reasonable ebdience to the contrary ... and they act persecuted ... so, by their own behavior and unwillingness to provide substantive evidence, their claims are just that ... claims.

    You concluded, "Can you give me the name of your tailor? He must be fuckin' good - making the jacket fit over the wings......"

    I did not claim sainthood ... I merely defended myself from inanae and ludricris attacks based on little more than someone deciding that it must be true because they said so ... now, that is their behavior mimicking JW life ... not mine ... they are "Proven" liars and hypocrits ... by their own words.

    You are, on the other hand, going off on me with your foul-filth ... cool ... and implying that I am self-righteously walking around like an angel, when in fact you have NOTHING on which to base your assertion but your own claims ... otherwise, you could easily cite something I said or did and then the onus would be on me to either explain myself, or apologize.

    No more Kent ... I am not going to sit beck and get trashed by filth-foul claims based on nothing, turn the other cheek and smile as you hit again ... either put up or shut up. Prove your claim, or get off my back. If you want a friendly world, start living it ... don't whine to me about your "claims" of what you say my behavior is ... PROVE IT. Otherwise, you are indulging yourself in your own self-serving hypocrisy. Got it? Hope so.

  • larc

    Kent and Norm,

    I think you are letting your long time friendship with Tina clould your judgement. My opinion of how she and Julie responded to my comments are found on page two of this thread. If you want to take the time to read the various threads where I exchanged comments with Tina and Julie, you can then draw your own draw your own conclusions as to how the events unfolded.

    I am not going to take the time to go back through all this to show the, he said - she said, nature of the discussion.

  • bluesapphire

    Well, I haven't commented on any of this but I've read SOME of it. Personally, I didn't see this great value in Tina's posts that some people have mentioned. I usually skipped them. So what! She probably skipped mine too. I don't have any anomosity toward the girl and wish her well but I didn't care for her style at all. And don't think I don't know she's reading this so I'm not talking behind her back! And you know what, she might be a really nice girl in person. I probably will never know. She just didn't rub me the right way on the board because I don't like to be around abrasive people and she came off abrasive HERE.

    I do see Amazing's point in defending himself. If he doesn't reply he's called a coward. If he replies, he's called arrogant. I really don't know why he should care. All those comments Tina made complementing him on his information sure did make her look bad though. I mean why tell someone that they NEVER were impressed with them if the truth is that they once were (apparently VERY impressed). It seems like it was a jab meant to hurt. And that's ugly.

    I don't know what all the fuss is about. She wanted to be deactivated. Personally, I would have just left if it's what I really wanted to do. For all the accusations that Amazing is "full of himself" and "arrogant" I think the most arrogant thing about this whole mess is that a person would demand over and over again in public and private to have their account deactivated as if their all that important to begin with. It screams "LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME SOMEBODY PLEASE!!!" That's the way it looks to me anyways. I mean look at all the people who have left quietly without demanding to have their accounts deactivated. Some have even come and said goodbye without all the drama.

    Simon's board can be a fun place. It can also be a boring place and it can also be a frustrating place. But the bottom line is that IT IS HIS PLACE. And if he wants to have a "do-not-call" list, it's HIS business.

  • Prisca

    Amen Bluesapphire. Your entire post is how I feel too.

  • mommy

    Well since this thread is on the front page, I might as well add my thoughts here as well. It is obvious that this issue is not over, because there is still discussion even after Tina has left the building.

    How many of us thought the JW way was the right way? In hindsight we can see how flawed we were to have believed it am I correct? How many times has it been said here, "I can't believe I swallowed that for so long." Then we have the ones who still don't see it, and defend the org until they are blue in the face, only to come back later and say they realize now the deciet they could not see before. Our take on the actual transfer of emotions may not be the same, or the events leading up to our change of opinion

    So is quoting a person's comments from close to a year ago and comparing them with what they feel now an accurate way to determine if a person is a "proven" liar? I mean can you even call that person a liar? Am I liar because at one time I dedicated my life to the JW's? I swore I would follow god and the org down to my last breath, now I feel differently. So I am a liar right? Oh I guess you can label me as an oath breaker as well, and not trustworthy to fulfill my commitments. [8>]

    We are really digging deep here aren't we, to label a person as a proven liar when all it is, is a change of opinion. An eye opening revelation of who is feeding us the garbage and what we were willing to swallow.

    I agree with my post 100% Amen Can't we just move on to bigger and better things now? I always hated when I watched the nature shows when the hyenas, and vultures came after the carcass was already divided up into tiny bitty pieces. But they really enjoyed it fighting to the death to get that last morsel of rotten flesh, ughhh seeing the blood on their mouths and bodies repulsed me. This is what this reminds me of.

  • Prisca
    Can't we just move on to bigger and better things now? I always hated when I watched the nature shows when the hyenas, and vultures came after the carcass was already divided up into tiny bitty pieces

    We could if Tina's friends didn't start threads accusing Simon of bias, having a tiny "weiner", blah blah blah.


  • mommy

    I almost didn't reply to you. If I am understanding you correctly you are saying that you can't move on? You like playing on the playground? Please do try to grow up. This is incredibly childlike behavior to continue shadow boxing long after the fact. Reminds me of my daughter mumbling under her breath after her and I disagree, she can't change anything. But I bet it makes her feel better to get the last word in. The only difference is that you are doing this publicly and tainting Simon's site even more, not to mention showing us your true personality.
    wendy(leaving this thread for good now)

  • larc


    A couple of points. The different statements of opinion by Tina was not a year apart. It was 14 weeks apart. Also, she did not say that she had changed her opinion. She stated that she had a bad opinion while reading this serious. This is in direct contradiction to her many comments made earlier.

  • Prisca

    Gee, Wendy, I am eternally grateful that you decided to reply. I really am.

    I meant "we" in a general sense. Meaning it would be nice to move on from the events of the past few days, if Tina's friends didn't make up lies saying that she was disfellowshipped etc. You and I know that she asked to be deactivated, but her friends keep throwing false accusations in our face. Why are they doing this? Do they think they will discredit Simon somehow? As if!

  • VeniceIT

    SIMON!!!! since Tina's been deactivated there's no need for these threads to go on. Can they be moved or something, there's no point kicking a dead horse!!!


    "Injustice will continue until those who are not affected by it are as outraged as those who are."

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