Very Curious, what kind of feedback are you getting from ACTIVE Jehovah's Witnesses on Candace's California Court Victory ?

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  • Balaamsass

    I am stunned by Candace's huge court victory. It is overdue. I have been reading comments on JVN, Huffington, San Jose Mercury, NBC, and other sources. I spoke with a Jesuit attorney, and I have also called some JWs who were in service this Saturday to get feedback.

    I was a little surprized by comments from "average Joes" who simply lumped JWs in with Catholics priests. My Jesuit co-worker said "your people are just trying to out-do priests!"

    According to current JWs, the Sat AM donut shop talk was all about this today. One JW told me the comments were moronic, ie: " Was she in good standing?" " Those jurors must hate JWs!" " He wasn't even an Elder"- He asked:" if she was a wordly person would that make it OK ?" He was met with blank stares.

    I am certain my mother will say " This just proves Satan and the WOORLLLY people are persecuting JWs, cause we are at the tipppppppppppppy ennnnnnddddddd of this system."

    What are you hearing ?

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    Nuthin', yet.

  • diamondiiz

    Really what stupid dubs have to say is really, irrelevant. There are still normal people trapped in the cult who are worth saving, but there are a lot of morons that can go down with the ship and I wouldn't give a rats ass. All these fools who blame the victim and support their pedophile brother deserve to be in a cult. Fuck them and fuck their persecution complex. What matter is that this case may help victims come forth, stand up to the oppressor knowing they're not alone. This story may show the public that JWs aren't so innocent, and this case may help some studies to look deeper into the cult. What mentally retarded dubs think and say is really not important as it just infuriates the general public. Only good thing about stupid dubs posting ignorant comments how the Candace and rest will soon be destroyed by God is that the world will see these idiots for what they are, nut jobs and maybe more will slam the door in their faces.

  • mrsjones5

    Crickets. The jws on my FB friends list haven't said a peep and I haven't been unfriended.

  • ilikecheese

    Obviously my boyfriend isn't exactly a hardcore JW, since he's dating a "worldly girl," but he says he hopes they own up to it and if they don't, he'll be really disappointed. He basically said that he's hoping they say something during meeting tomorrow or next week, and that whatever they say will have a big impact on what he thinks of them. I think between my incessant subliminal picking away at JW beliefs and this stuff, he just may leave before too long! Thanks Watchtower organization; you're doing all the work for me! Now excuse me while I adoringly admire my Sparlock poster.

  • skeeter1

    Nothing. Not a peep. E-mailed it two days ago - to JWs, and JW apologists, and NOTHING. Not even from someone who I KNOW does NOT like the JWs. NOTHING.

  • notjustyet

    I'm sure that there will be some training on what to say to householders or others asking questions about the case, Damage control.


  • skeeter1

    Yeah, it will be like cancelling the home book study. When I first told the JWs I knew, they were so disappointed and bewildered. Then, when they got the party line - they drank their lemonade and parrotted the WTS reasoning.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Feedback? Where do you think JWs get their news? A newspaper? MSNBC?

    If it ain't in the Watchtower, they ain't gonna know about it. (And at least 50% of them won't read it there.)

    Only when it hits the JW Gossip Wire will the majority know anything about it.


  • NVR2L8

    I told my (unbaptized) son and he had no was like he wasn't hearing it. I guess like most JWs all negative news against the WT are lies made up by apostates...reported by media controlled by Satan...

  • yourmomma

    i havent heard anything from in person JW's, but on the other forums I go to, the JW apologists have ran away from this, they are totally silent.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Already posted this on my "Thought Reform" thread, but it's worth repeating:


    So I Google news her the story about the child abuse case. Her reaction?

    "If they cover up child abuse, they're getting what they deserve!" and "They want us to 'Safeguard Our Hearts' and they're safeguarding monsters!"

    Made my weekend

  • carla

    for Breakfast's wife!

  • darthfader

    For them it's a non event. Likely to be overturned in appeal. They have no idea of the significance of this or the precedents it sets.

    "Hmm... that's an odd story, She's (Conti) is probably lying..."


  • Diest

    My close realtive that I told thinks it will go to the S. Court. This person is always to close to freeing their thinking but never gets over the hump. I think the penitent-clergy thing is an interesting arguement, but it is so basic that I doubt that a trial judge made a mistake.

    I cant wait until the first appellate court refuses to hear the appeal! That will let a lot of air out of the doubting-dubs sails.

  • skeeter1

    The Huffington Post online article has alot of JW, ex-JW, and worldly people comments.

    The JWs seem to be: 1) blaming the victim; 2) denying it occurred; and 3) getting exposed for their stupid comments. They think that this man was JUST a rank & file member. The court docs said that he was once a MS.

    The one comment I loved the most was brilliantly simple. It went like this: "If they abhor child abuse, why keep it a secret?"

  • blond-moment

    I'm really curious what will come from it. I know I discussed this in depth with the local sisters who were meeting with me. I told them it was coming (not this case specifically) but that the pressure was on re: the pedophilia scandal. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she finds out.

  • paladin

    One of my relatives just told me it must Satan's doing or some dumb idea.

  • Soldier77

    I've sent out emails with a simple comment, nothing "negative" towards JWs with the msnbc link. I've only heard back from one active and all they said was how shocking/horrible that was. That was it.

    I did get a couple emails from friends DF'd responding to it and they were more along the lines of "its about time this gets exposed."

    Honestly, I don't think many will find this article on their own, so I'm helping as much as I can with a simple email and link attached. :)

  • ABibleStudent

    I sent out the following email to a former JW friend on Friday, June 15, 212 at 9:28 PM PST. I still have not received a response.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


    Subject: Is this the Begining of the End? Hi [Name deleted] FYI: Take Care,

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