Why did Lazarus Pay for his sins twice?

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    It's a conspiracy i tells ye, a conspiracy! They are among us hiding in plain sight!

  • mP


    are we really to eblieve the gospels, after the many lies they tell. Mt would have us believe zombies walked around Jerusalem in 28 and yet history shows nobody recorded this fantastic event. The gospel authors wrote and made up anything for selfish means, accuracy or honesty is not a motivation or concern. John and the synoptics cant even agree on waht day jesus died. They all give us entire dialogues of his trial and yet they also say none of them were there, go figure. After all that we have the basic stuff, like twisting and quoting OT verses incorrectly to show prophecy. THe perfect example if where they say Jesus rode into jerusalem on a donkey and colt at the same time as prophecised. The problem is they failed to understand how hebrew peotry uses repetition and thus created a stupid prophecy from a simple poem .

    The BIble also does not say anywhere that Lazarus died for his sins, it doesnt use the word anywhere. The entire concept of original sin doesnot really exist in the Bible and has been patched on by the roman catholic church many hundreds of years later.

  • Sulla

    mP, you are really a bit of a mess, aren't you?

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  • LongHairGal


    I guess we have to assume that Lazarus did die at some later date. Unless, of course, he's still walking around somewhere and has an assumed name because he doesn't want anybody bothering him.

  • Lore

    Why does it sound like a stupid loophole? Why is it so far fetched to assume that Lazarus sinned again after his resurrection?

    Because, as a perfect human, he shouldn't have had the 'sinful tendencies' anymore. He should have been equally capable of living a sinless life as Jesus was. (minus the past experience)

    He only had to last 2 more years at max.

    The bible never states that he went on to sin. This is just assumed as a way to get out of an uncomfortable theological puzzle. Same goes for the widow's son.

    And it sounds like a stupid loophole because it's a stupid loophole. Lazarus is somehow responsible for the sin of some guy 4000 years before he was born, and the only way he can pay for this 'debt' is by dying. So he does die and is one of the lucky few to actually come back to life after paying for this debt, and then the moment he accidently swallows a gnat or sits on the same seat that his wife or sister was on during her period BAM, he's sinful again and can only pay for it by dying again.

    So one death pays for millenia of past ancestor sins plus all the sins he committed personally in his life. But not the few he was about to commit in the 2 years before Jesus death?

    How come Jesus death could pay for all sins past, present and future, but Lazarus death only paid for all sins past.

    And of course all of this only applies if Jesus hadn't died yet. So the kid who fell out the window would be covered by the ransom, and theoretically should still be alive somewhere whether he sinned or not.

  • Lore
    mP, you are really a bit of a mess, aren't you?

    Everything mP said was correct.

    Matthew talks about the dead people walking around in Jerusalem. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+27%3A52-53&version=NKJV

    And is correct that no historian or even the other gospel writers bothered to record this event.

    The gospels regularly give line by line dialoge of events that none of them were present for, like the trial and even including a prayer and angelic visit to Jesus that NOBODY else saw heard or could have possibly recorded.

  • criticalwitness

    plus we have to keep in mind jdub theology once a perfect man sins thats it youre done no forgiveness! so in the future paradise after thou yrs anyone who slips up zap you are done my friend. we have not ruled out though if these resurrected ones were murderred? remember saducees wanted to put lazarus to death so ones wouldnt put faith in resurrection?the plot thickens lol

  • TOTH

    Hmmm to go to heaven one must die in the flesh. So if Lazarus was raised in flesh and died again (Need Bible citation to prove that part) then if he was a Christian he still needed to shed his fleshly body to claim his heavenly one...

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    If he says oy, oy, oy, three times then he`s an OZZIE


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