Watchtower's April 9 BOE Confidentiality Letter - Child Abuse - Did Jane Doe lawsuit play a major part?

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    Moreover-The agonized victims are told to 'leave the matter in Jehovah's hands' 'wait on Jehovah' because 'any day we are going to be in the righteous new system'. So villain perpetrators continue to carry on in this festering enviroment.The victim is made to look like an unforgving discontent.

    This is another element that makes crimes unique in the Jehovah's Witnesses the issue of their apocalyptic dogma,any day it will all end and you will be in paradise.

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    Running like Roaches from a flashlight!

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    Band on the Run

    The two witness rule is valid when applied to disfellowshipping. The WT has a First Amendment right to establish internal procedures. What the WT cannot do, even with the First Amendment, is to break a neutral law that applies to all. They still can be held responsible for crimes and negligence. Even with confidentiality, the Witnesses do not meet the standards for a priest/pentinent privilege. Conti's case is probably not the typical scenario. Nevertheless, I believe there are lots of cases where the Witnesses had actual notice. Constructive notice may be enough under certain circumstances. If they did not the pedophile was a pedophile, they would have no liability.

    I believe the two witness rule is bunk scripturally. Of course, almost all WT doctrine is bunk.

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    Sammy Jenkis

    Does anyone have the BOE letter for 10/01/2012?

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    BOE Letter for 10/01/2012

    Body of Elders letter issued by Jehovah's Witnesses, October 1, 2012 re: child abuse handling procedures

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