Is The "American Dream" is over?

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  • glenster

    The researchers believe that a planetary shift cannot be avoided anymore.
    However, the impact can be delayed or minimized, if we "drastically" lower the
    planet's population "very quickly"

    There's the argument: vote for Aladeen. Climate change is mainly due to
    overpopulation, and I think he could do something about that. He could be Mr.
    Can Do. Also the economy--more money for the rest of us. Plus he looks chauncy
    in his uniform walking into that big room in the trailer. Vote for Aladeen.

  • talesin

    Night Owl - Yes, he had the dream. At the time he said that, he was old. George was not much of a complainer. In fact, he would tell a complainer to shut his whiney trap. He was a truth teller, and this is him saying how he saw the American Dream in the 21st century - over.


  • Night Owl
    Night Owl


    He made money feeding negativity to those who would pay to listen.

    What he said may be true, and I'm not faulting him for seeing that and making money, but he was in the top percentage of income earners.


  • talesin

    I remember when I was a kid, and he came out with the "7 things you can't say on radio". Negativity? If you choose to see it that way. I prefer to think of him as a dissenter. That's supposed to be one of the foundations of democracy. It seems that nowadays, many Americans seem to have forgotten that.


    Oh well, no biggie. Take care, NO.


  • jemba

    I agree Bizzybee. Also its not what you know but who you know. If you are already accepted around the influential then youre more likely to get one of their cushy jobs.

  • Cacky

    Even so, I heard a professor once say that even pretty darn poor people in America today have it better than kings of medieval days did. The castles were drafty, cold, they had no electricity, no refrigerators, no toilets. So even if you're pretty poor, you still have things better than the rich people did in the middle ages, and before modern world came along. I try to look on the positive side of things.

  • talesin

    Yah, that's what keeps the wage slaves happy.

  • NewChapter

    I don't understand the comments on Carlin. Are we now saying that those that have been fortunate should not care about the others? Is it not their right? Is that not what got us into this mess in the first place? How dare he point out an injustice that does not directly effect him. That's so unamerican!



  • Razziel

    How did I miss this thread. The American Dream of upward mobility is now largely a myth. Yes it's possible, it's just not likely.

    We mistakenly think that if we simply try harder and redouble our efforts, someday we can eventually "join the club", and so instead of trying to break down barriers between classes, we allow them to be built higher over time, since it's not the size of the barrier that bars us, it's the level of our own individual determination.

    The mentality is I don't want to level the odds in the lottery, because someday I'm going to hit the lottery.

    I don't want to hinder the unfair advantage of the wealthy because someday I will be wealthy, so when I hinder them, I am hindering myself. I don't want to help people get out of poverty, they could have what I have if only they would work harder and overcome their disadvantages.

    Shit rolls downhill by the way. The poor envy/admire the middle class and rich, and the middle class envy/admire the rich. The middle class largely despises the poor as useless idiots (lazy), and don't think for a second the wealthy don't largely despise the middle class in like fashion as useful idiots (mindless consumers and propoganda bearers).

    Over time it becomes more difficult for individual determination to overcome class barriers. It's human nature; if you are able to make it to the top, you build a moat to protect yourself and your heirs from competition by whatever means necessary.

    I would like to see more wealthy people have the cojones to leave their estate to charity and make their children earn their way in life by merit. That would make a remarkably different world.

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