Moving to Canada from France

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    The best of luck to you! I've been to Montréal and Québéc , and they both were pleasant surprises on the drive out of Ontario. I read a book by a Québécois which had this line:

    Canada is the greatest disappointment of all nations. In no other place on earth could you have the best of three worlds - British culture, French cuisine, and American technology. Instead we have British cuisine, French technology, and American culture.


  • talesin

    Welcome to Canada! Je suis originaire du Nouvelle Ecosse.

    You will find that Quebecois French is a very different from that of France. Montreal is a cosmopolitan city, where one can be comfortable whether Anglo or French. It is beautiful, and well-known for its diversity. The Metro is very clean, but watch out for the cars! PQ, and especially Montreal, is well-known for crazy drivers. No crosswalk is safe. ;)

    Las Malvinas

    That is truly the attitude of a Quebecois who has benefitted from the billions of dollars poured into PQ by the federal government in order to preserve their 'separate society'. Perhaps if Quebec wasn't so greedy, isolationist and superior, things would be different.

    WTH is french technology? Ski-Doos by Bombardier? As far as I know, there is no such thing as British cuisine .... the only remnant we have here is fish and chips. French cuisine in Canada amounts to poutine (ahahahaha, not a drop of buerre to be found in that dish, it's SO unhealthy). And as for American culture --- yes, if the government had pumped a few billion dollars into the rest of Canada's cultural scene, PQ would not be the only province with it's own movie/music industries et al. SMH


  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Point taken, talesin. I've always felt that Québéc should either integrate themselves into Canada or get out altogether. If they are taking billions of Canadian dollars to preserve their society as you say they are, then they need to become multi-lingual and as accepting as the rest of the country is. Should independence be the goal, then don't take the money.

  • talesin

    Las Malvinas

    As a child, I did not understand my father's antipathy towards the Quebecois. It's the only prejudice I have ever seen him express. Then, when travelling in my teens and 20s, I experienced hostility and, yes, downright hatred when travelling through la belle province, for the crime of being Anglo. As I grew older, and learned more about the politics and history surrounding this issue, I began to realize why my father felt as he did. (Montreal is different, though - it is in the Eastern Townships and near Quebec city that the francophones are really hateful.)

    It's sad - we could be a much stronger country, if Quebec was not this way. Here in Nova Scotia, we have a strong french culture, with the College of Ste. Anne (Acadian), and the French shores in Cape Breton Island and Southern Mainland. We also have a vibrant Scots heritage, with the only Gaelic university outside of the British Isles, and annual International Highland Games in Antigonish. Other cultures, such as Lebanese, Italian and Greek, still celebrate their roots with festivals, and maintain strong ties as a community. Why can PQ not be this way? :(


  • Twitch

    Welcome to Canada, eh?

    Montreal is a nice; been there once or twice, last time briefly on a road trip through the eastern provinces. Lots to see, lotsa history.

    Coast to coast there much to see and do and the people are friendly overall. Enjoy.

  • Paralipomenon

    Montreal is a nice city. If you haven't already visited Quebec, their french may be somewhat difficult to catch at first. The rest of Canada call it Franglais since it can often substitute english words at random.

    As for culture, Quebec seems to have evolved as a country within a country. You may find customs and behavior quite different if you get to travel. It's a very big country with much to explore.

    Welcome to Canada, it would be great if you could share your impressions as you settle in!

  • Iamallcool

    Bobbi, you are just a drama queen.

  • Scully

    iamallcool, smarten up. If someone doesn't understand French and really wants to know what laverité wrote, they can certainly copy and paste that small amount of text to Google Translate.

    Or they could politely ask laverité if he would mind posting a translation.

    Bienvenue, cdoc5c. S'il vous plaît ne pas tenir compte du chieur.

  • Glander

    french fries - bon apetite'

    wee wee


    buenos dias, amigo

  • belbab


    I used to be in Montreal quite a few years ago. I still correspond with an ex jw family there, who were originally from France. I see that this post is your first on this forum. If you wish you can send me a message by clicking on the envelope icon at the top of the page and send me a message. I will reply and see if I can put you in touch with that family.


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