How often do you visit the grave site for your deceased Loved ones?

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  • jam

    considering cremation, A lot cheaper. $10.000 vs. $500.00.

  • jam

    designs: speaking of photos, I have no problems looking

    at old photos of mom and dad, but when it comes to

    dvd, can,t do it. One with my Father singing in church (concert)

    and my mom playing with the grand kids. Death is unfair.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    My mum used to say "Dont bring me flowers when Im dead, give them to me now!" ......I did. But I still like to visit her grave and lay flowers on special days that mean something to us, and occasionally when I just need to be alone and need peace and quiet. I find it comforting now, as I wasnt allowed to participate in her actual funeral at the time. You are right, death IS unfair.

  • jam

    Pams: not to be nosey, why weren,t you allowed to

    participate? If it,s because of the brain dead JW, it

    makes me sick.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Yes jam, I was well in and a few weeks away from baptism, the JW "friend" who accompanied me, well, I thought she was there to support me, but it seems she was there to make sure I didnt step out of line.......

    Ive said sorry to my mum out loud, and in my head, and have tried to put it behind me, and I celebrate her now, all the time really. I like sitting by the grave, just remembering good times, and enjoying the quiet, and i totally understand how you feel a sense of closeness. It may be real, it may be imagined, but its comforting.

    Hope you doing ok x

  • jam

    Pams good for you. Those brain dead people(JW) , if

    they found out you were visiting your mom grave, they

    will likely come with some Bible verse stating it,s bad

    association. I hate that GB with A passion.

  • snowbird


  • darthfader

    I was not able to grieve properly as a kid when my mother died. So every time I'm back in LA, I go to see her grave site. It gives me some "closure" that I feel was lacking as a child.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I visited my ancestors graves on Memorial Day before I became a dub. My grandmother (who died in 2006) made a practice of placing flowers on every relative's grave she could locate, going as far back as one who died in the Civil War. I haven't been to any of the graves recently, except for hers and those who she is buried next to.

  • Morbidzbaby

    I went when I thought of it, but not on special holidays or birthdays or anything. Sometimes I just feel the need to sit and talk to the members of my family I've lost. It's a comfort in a way. I didn't get to really know them when they were alive because I was a JW and they weren't. So I feel like I have lost time to make up for.

    As for after death plans, I know exactly what I'm doing. First, I will be a Whole Body Donor for scientific research, and an Organ Donor for lifesaving purposes. When you donate your body, anything that's not used is cremated free of charge and sent back to family. Then, my ashes will be sent to a company like LifeGem that turns your ashes into diamonds. Each of my children will get a diamond...a piece of me that lasts forever.

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