Do you still say JEHOVAH when scared to chase away the demons?

by Greybeard 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • WTWizard

    This is post-hypnotic suggestion at work, common among people born into the cancer. You were programmed to believe Satan is evil, and that anything that looks a little scary as a demon. Upon which you say "Jehovah", and the "attack" stops. Sometimes, what you believe is a demon is actually something that can be explained with science. This is common in near-dream states like a trance. You begin dreaming and are jarred out of the state, and believe a demon is attacking. Among atheists, many believe they are developing psychosis when this happens and will go to a psychiatrist and leave with a prescription they do not need. Other times, it is nothing more than an animal, wind, or thermal expansion making a noise.

    The other kind of "demon attacks" are actually ANGEL attacks. A filthy angel will harass you, and since you are programmed to believe it's a demon, you run back to Jesus or Jehovah. That's what the angel wants--you to run away from real help. They get what they want, and the next time they feel like extorting people for more, they attack again. They get you to throw away something you enjoy, do more in field circus, or feel bad about a thought that goes along with human nature but against religious doctrine. Here, the angels are driving you away from Satan, who is in fact your Liberator. Ask, Why would Satan start attacking people after risking so much to free mankind from Jehovah's tyranny?

    Next time, try yelling "Satan!" and see what happens. Chances are that the angel will not like it, since it wants you to be spiritually weak. If that doesn't work, explain to the angel that you see right through the scam and that it is wasting its time harassing you, and then block it out. At least you are now aware of the real source of the attack--they are actually angel attacks designed to scare you away from Father Satan.

  • Magi

    I feel ya Greybeard. When something scares the crap out of me or waking up from a nightmare, I have to catch myself from even thinking the name Jehovah. Many years of indoctrination. And when I do realize I was going to call on my former religion's false god, i kick myself everytime. Same thing happened to me with Satan popping up on my screen. My brother sent me a link to the site and you had to really focus on some dumb maze or something. This was right when i was getting out of the religion and I also forgot my speakers were on the loudest possible since i was listening to some music beforehand. Well, lets just say when the screen went red, a scary demon figure popped up, loud screams of people all in my room, I don't think I've ever been scared that much in my life lol. That affected me for the whole day, just realizing how vulnerable i was but i still wasn't going back to the damn religion.

    You did well to go back and laugh at it. They should have warnings on those sites. And if you can't get Jehovah out of your head, repeat something else, like Sparlock. Lol.

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    Not really, but I can understand it.

  • Greybeard

    @ Magi, HAHAHA! So you had the same thing happen? I feel ya too

    @ WTWizard, Are you an atheist or do you actually believe Satan really exists?

  • laverite


    If you want proof of the spirit world, all you have to do is watch this on youtube:

    They were filming this, and only afterward could see that there was a ghost actually following the car. I found it really creepy. If you have any doubts about demons you need to see this footage.

  • Magi

    If that video is real or not, who's to say if its a demon or just a spirit. The things that are unknown don't have to be considered harmful. In fact, how many people in the news die from ghosts or other things supernatural? The evil ones are us humans killing each other, thats who we should be afraid of more than demons or satan. Good video though. :)

  • smiddy


    You don`t beleive everything you see on video/you-tube/photo`s do you ?

    You don`t beleive everything you read in print do you ?

    You don`t beleive everything you hear do you ?

    Just asking


  • transhuman68

    Strangely enough, I live in a demon-free zone. It’s only when a possum jumps onto my roof with a BANG! in the middle of the night that I invoke god’s name; as in “For God’s sake, what the F**K was that?”

  • cantleave

    I don't worry about figments of the imagination!

  • trebor

    Part of freeing myself from the Watchtower cult was to stop using their loaded language. Terms like "Friends/Brothers/Sisters" when referring to members of the organization, or calling the teaching, practices and beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses according to the Watchtower Society's interpretations as "The Truth".

    I found it even easier to stop referring to what others may refer to as God (The Father), or whatever your belief/terms may be, as "Jehovah" was knowing and realizing the organization's printed information on the matter:

    According to Insight on the Scriptures Volume 2, page 5 under the heading, 'Jehovah' the following is stated:

    "Correct Pronunciation of the Divine Name. “Jehovah” is the best known English pronunciation of the divine name, although “Yahweh” is favored by most Hebrew scholars. The oldest Hebrew manuscripts present the name in the form of four consonants, commonly called the Tetragrammaton (from Greek te•tra-, meaning “four,” and gram'ma, “letter”). These four letters (written from right to left) are ???? and may be transliterated into English as YHWH (or, JHVH)."
    The Watchtower Society adds "(or, JHVH)" in their publication, but that letter usage was to make allowance and flexibility centuries later. It does not attribute towards accuracy. The confusion stems from Latin sources, in which the same letter represents both J and Y, and another single letter represents both V and W. Nonetheless, the original Hebrew translates to YHWH.

    On page 7, the same publication continues:

    "Since certainty of pronunciation is not now attainable, there seems to be no reason for abandoning in English the well-known form “Jehovah” in favor of some other suggested pronunciation. "

    So the Watchtower Society is stating that there is no way to attain the correct pronunciation of God’s name, but since ‘Jehovah’ is supposedly so well-known, let’s stick with it. Regardless of the facts that Hebrew scholars use YaHWeH, and earliest documented evidence shows YHWH – Not JHVH [JeHoVaH] as valid consonants in the name.

    The Divine Name brochure on page 7 under ‘God’s Name – It’s Meaning and Pronunciation’ makes the following statements:

    “How Is God’s Name Pronounced? The truth is, nobody knows for sure how the name of God was originally pronounced."

    There is more information, but the above alone was plenty enough for me to easily stop using "Jehovah" as the name of "God".

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