Ray Bradbury Died today

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  • sabastious

    He was a big influence for me. RIP.


  • Quendi

    Very sad news indeed! I remember his sharp response to a questioner asking him if he was trying to predict the future in his novels and short stories. "No!" he replied. "I'm trying to prevent the future."


  • titch

    Yes, indeed, sorry to hear about his passing. I have some memories of him. Way back in the olden days of my high school years, my high school Engligh teacher became friends with Mr. Bradbury, and she invited him several times, to come to our high school for student assemblies, to hear him speak. The first time that he came to our high school was, I think, back in 1970. After school had ended for the day, he was in the school cafeteria, just chatting informally with a group of students. I went in and listened to him for a while. I took out a sheet of notebook paper from my notebook, handed it to him, and he graciously signed his autograph for me. I still keep that sheet of paper in my own copy of The Martian Chronicles. The paper is kind of "yellowed" now, after over 42 years, but his signature is still very clear! The last time that I saw him in person was back in 2000, when he was doing a book signing at a bookstore in Southern California. Thanks for your work, Mr. Bradbury, thanks.


  • corpusdei

    "It was a pleasure to burn"

    I maintain that is one of the single greatest opening lines I've ever read. Hats off to his memory, the world is a better place for his imagination.

  • 00DAD

    Something Wicked This Way Comes was a game-changer for me as a teenage boy!

    Loved everything of his I ever read. He had a beautiful life.

  • TimeBandit

    Martian Chronicals, Something Wicked THis Way Comes, those two captured my imagination when I was a kid. Rest in Peace Ray!


  • d

    Rest in peace, people like that come once in a life time.

  • mrsjones5

    I just got back from the library and guess what I found there? A Ray Bradbury book of short stories that I didn't know about and hadn't read. It was in the book sale section. It's called "Quicker Than the Eye". I bought it of course.

  • finallysomepride

    I loved watching The Ray Bradbury Theatre.

    sadly missed

  • Twitch

    I picked up The Bradbury Chronicles: Stories in Honor of Ray Bradbury a long time ago at a garage sale. I read his contribution to it not long ago, a short story named The Troll.

    A Outer Limits/Twilight Zone-esque collection of various fictions of varying interest.

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