Sparlock Video Part 2 Later Mom gets in trouble for wearing her pants to the Meeting!!!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    In the video you see his arrogant mom wearing pants around the house.....well later that Sunday distracted by the days events, she went to the meeting in pants and was pulled over by two Elders in the HALL LIBRARY!!!!

    Elder Brownose: "Hello Sister thanks for Meeting us."

    Calebs Mom: "Oh what a great Talk you gave today. Wasn't the Watchtower study encouraging?" She smiles and wriggles in her seat.

    Elder Wannbe : "Yes well ummm what ummm.....are you wearing today there, Sister are they umm pants?" He cringes and frowns.

    Calebs Mom: "Ohh....I just didn't have time to change, it's a pants suit given to me by a friend who had grown out of them..." Smiles cheerily.

    Elder Brownose: "Now Sister, WHO likes Pants for sisters......Jehovah......or Satan?"

    Calebs Mom: "Well........{bows her head low}.......I guess Satan."

    Elder Wannabe: "Yes Sister good, so you don't wanna make Jehovah sad do you?" {She shakes her head slowly} ...good so what should we do with the pants?........

    {They march around to the Kingdom hall rubbish bin as she removes the pants and throws them in, walking home in her underwear}

    Caleb turn to his Mom points and says: Haaaaa Haaaaa!"

    As she gets to her front door she see's the rubbish bin and remembers Sparlock. "Oh my God!.....what are we doing in this religion?.....this is crazy!...all these rule and regulations......NO MORE!" She grabs Sparlock from the bin and hands him back to Caleb. "You can have your toy darling, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't!" Caleb smiles a big smile and inside as his mom gets dressed he winks at his new best friend Sparlock the Warrior wizard. And you know what boys and girls......Sparlock winked right back at him, and they lived happily ever after!......except his mom was disfellowshiped for refusing to wear anything but pants 24 hours a day.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Not unrealistic at all!

    This is how the world divides up: Satan/Jehovah, beards/clean-shaven, Sparlock/riding bikes with mommy, pants/skirts, death/life.

    Makes it nice and easy.

  • blond-moment

    What gets me, is in the video, mom even changed into a skirt for "family worship" ummm really?

  • Kojack57

    Witness 007: I like your re-make. You definitely won't see Any woman wearing pants to meetings. And if she was brazen by not obeying she Will be disfellowshiped for sure.


  • Eustace

    Women look way better in skirts, so there's that...

  • cobaltcupcake

    Women look way better in skirts, so there's that...

    Dude, how about you shave your legs and wear pantyhose for a whole day and get back to us on that?

  • Eustace

    Dude, how about you shave your legs and wear pantyhose for a whole day and get back to us on that?

    I said women look way better wearing skirts, not men, so there's no reason why I'd want to wear a skirt.

    Plus I've seen plenty of women wear skirts without pantyhose, and if you wear thick pantyhose you don't need to shave your legs.

  • Eustace

    And if you don't think skirts are comfortable, you should try wearing a tie.

  • frankiespeakin

    I think this would make a good video, Call it "Sparlock Gets A New Home And Revenge"

  • 2+2=5

    Sounds like Caleb's mum is on a slippery slope. It starts with wearing pants at the Kingdom hall, next she will be selling herself on the streets to fund her crack cocaine addiction.

    She should have listened and obeyed.

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