My take on the new Be Jehovah's Friend DVD

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  • blond-moment
  • TOTH

    I like the way you think, blond-moment!

    WHERE were you when i was growing up in the tower?

  • blond-moment

    I was hiding my goodies and my friends haha.

  • ziddina

    Great analysis!!

    I like your gravatar's new purple hat...

  • blond-moment

    Thanks =) Was my first.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I wrote this on another board, Great Vid Blonde-movement!

    Thankfully my love of star wars and transformers was too much for my mother to counteract so she let me have my toys. I had one friend who would by transformers and other toys and leave them at my house cause his mother would throw them out.

    Ironically that reminds me of another problem with this vid and the way dubs operate. Eventually caleb will learn not to bring a fun new toy home and hide it from his mother. This will create a double life of shame and mistrust of the parents who SHOULD be caring for him and nurturing him into a well balanced adult. Not a paranoid schitzo afraid the slightest NORMAL human behavior will 'make Jehovah sad.'

  • renderme

    This video was really sad. I actually got a knot in my stomach watching I also get a knot in my stomach every time my sisters start to talk to my young kids about Jehovah and his reward for them IF they refuse to celebrate Christmas or if they throw away a toy that they love but that my sister feels is "demonized", ( yes, she uses terms like "demonized" and "immoral" and "pagan" around my kids, especially when they mention a holiday we are celebrating!) My sister was babysitting my kids for a weekend and when I came home my son told me that she took them to a movie as a reward for him throwing away his entire collection of Pokemon cards and toys...he had been collecting them for years! She did a real number on him, terrified him by telling him that God watches what he plays with and that some toys are "evil" to God and it makes him this poor kid had never even stepped foot in a Kingdom Hall, yet he felt guilty enough for playing with "bad" toys that he readily tossed them out. Needless to say, much as I love my sister...she is not allowed to discuss anything JW with my kids or she won't be allowed to spend any unsupervised time with them..ever.

    Excellent job on the video...really is an eye opener. Thanks for sharing it!


  • cedars

    Excellent video blond-moment, you made some very good points and observations!

    Why did you say "see you in November"??


  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Blond-moment: very thought-provoking, I had never considered this aspect (I was never a dub).

    Extending this a little, it's worrying that children being brought up in an organisation known to have child abuse problems are led/trained/encouraged into being secretive and keeping their true thoughts and feelings to themselves out of fear. That can only promote an environment where abuse is more likely to go unreported and undetected.

  • Jeffro

    Captain Janeway's breaching the Starfleet uniform code.

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