Do women like being checked out?

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  • MC RubberMallet
    MC RubberMallet


    Was that a comment for me?

  • MinisterAmos

    Do women like being checked out?

    Who cares? If I like what I see, I'm checking.

  • Jim_TX

    I tend to notice nice looking women - but not just the young ones. Older (not ancient) ladies can look better than younger ones.

    My wife does not mind if I look and notice. In fact, if she sees a nice-looking gal, she will usually say, "Hey! You missed that one!"

    I don't do the 'leer' (or try not to), as that is not polite.

    I _will_ tell a woman that I think that she looks nice, if she is near, but I won't make a big deal out of it. Most gals say, "Thank you", and continue on.

    I remember long ago - when I was married to my first wife, her mother made a statement that was kind of funny. She said, "The only reason men sit at the counters at restaurants is so that they can oogle the waitresses." Of course, she never worked a day in her life, much less was a waitress.

    Of course... I always sit at the counter at the local coffee shop - mainly because I stay for hours, and do not want to take up space in a booth.

    So, when leaving for my weekend morning coffee, I kiss my wife and tell her, "Bye! I'm going to go oogle the waitresses."

    She will usually respond with, "Okay. Have fun."

    We both know that I know all of the waitresses, and don't even spend any time 'oogling'. I'm too busy reading or scribling notes in my idea notebook.

    The regular waitress usually keeps pouring the coffee, and then orders my morning taco whenever she chooses, without even bothering me. Now, that's service!

  • Bella15

    If you're cute I don't mind ... LOL!

  • daringhart13

    Who cares? Are you seeking female approval?

    You might find that most women want a man to be a man

  • blond-moment

    Let's just say...I missed it when it stopped happening haha.

  • mamalove

    Unfortunately some of my male friends have filled me in on what goes on in some men's minds. I.E. Spank if a woman does not find the man attractive, my assumption would be that it would not be flattering, but make her rather squeamish. The shallow side of me is going to say that it if done in a understated way, it is ok, and flattering if you are an attractive man. We refer to it as prarie dogging. Where I work, is an office environment, and when a new, pretty girl starts, the designers and engineers often pop their heads over their cube walls to prarie dog the new girl. Kinda funny and now we just use the term.

    It is kind of uncomfortable if some kid in a 1998 Ford Escort yells out that you are a MILF, but if oogled properly, can put a little kick in your step, that any human being would secretly feel good about. Everyone has those ego needs once in a while.

    Just being honest...pls no flames!

  • Twitch

    Yes they do especially if I'm around....;)

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