She jumped off the dam...

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  • wasblind

    This religion promotes co-dependency in women

    they promote to much submissiveness, not allowed to

    think for yourself. women who are abused walk around

    wit self doubt not knowin' which way to turn

    These are women who are told not to get an education

    or be self supportive. Just peddle mags, pioneer

    then when your out, you wonder what are you to do

    It would have been more helpful if the brothers could have gotten

    her away from her husband and incouraged her to be self supportive

    but supportin' herself and gettin' her act together would have taken time from fieldservice

    they couldn't allow that

  • rebel8

    What awful problems she had, compounded by dirtbags whose coldness made her feel even more worthless.

  • jookbeard

    sounds like the elders done as much as they could , you can only help some people so much, sounds like she didn't really want thier help after all, as AM, she is probably in the best place

  • sinedie

    Hello TimeBandit,

    She was invited to your wedding, you stopped to say hello to her, and you showed her you cared for her while she was still alive. That is much more than others have done for her. She must have felt that you had a good heart and that you cared. I am very sad when I hear stories like this. No human should be ever made to feel like death is the only option. Again you are keeping the memory of Patricia alive, which is more than others from that cong. are doing for her. There should be more kind people like you in this world. Wonderful tribute.

  • flipper

    CHRIS - Thanks for sharing such a deeply, emotional, tragic story. Kudos to you for standing up on behalf of this lady and having compassion for her plight. The WT society is so blood guilty in situations like this as I've read and heard SO MANY experiences of elders turning their heads the other way when JW's suffer from chemical imbalances or women or children suffering in abusive relationships with husbands or parents. Even though the elders did try helping this woman, they didn't follow through once the woman moved back .

    Whether it's JW's dying from no blood transfusions, child abuse situations, or spousal abuse situations- the WT society's policies of protecting the JW organizations " name " or alleged " good reputation " always takes priority over saving some unfortunate souls life which shows just how calloused and inhumane this organization is. My condolences on the loss of this lady Chris, and I'm proud to have caring friends on the board like you that share experiences like this which hopefully will wake people up who may be sitting on the fence considering jumping off the JW ship to freedom. Peace & love to you my friend . Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Scott77

    The Watchtower Organisation is a disgrace to the very god it claims to represent. The behaviours of this elder in this instance,Ted is disgusting and imcomprehensible. The callous , inhumane and detestable attitude exhibited beg the question: Is this really the true christian, God-loving and Holy-directed organisation that represents the true religion of God on earth? This is not a million dollar question. Chris, kudos for standing up to what was and is right.


  • blindnomore

    Two years ago, we recieve a letter from a JW friend from Sher Wood Para AB, Canada.

    It was about their daughter who's in her late 20's. She was living in a run-down neighborhood. She had been stalking and even got broke in twice by a stalker. She didn't drive. She had to walk everywhere including to and from the KH. She requested her elders for assistance. The elders refused to set up an arrangement for her. The reason? She wasn't an examplary publisher, according to the elders. Two regular pioneer couples were living nearby and drove by her place daily. She was never offered by the pioneer couples for ride as they passed by her.

    One day, either coming from or going to the meeting(father didn't know the exact situation) in walking, She was snached by the stalker and murdered.

    Her elders never appologized to the family.

    It was a heart breaking letter! He wrote us after learning our child's death.(Who commited suicide the very night she was interegated by the Judicial Commeette.)

    Yes, Watchtower lurkers, read Rev. 18:4-6!!

    'Get out of her, my people if you do not want to share with her in her sins and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues. For her sins have massed together clear up to heaven and God has called her acts of injustice to mind. Render to her even as she herself rendered and do to her twice as much, yes, twice the number of the things she did'

    The WTS is not only blood guilty of humansacrifice with their blood doctrine and other now ceased doctrines but also has caused unknown numbers of human lives with their insensitive, heartless rules and procedures.

    Thank you for your contribution, Chris.

  • sizemik

    Wow . . . what a tragic story. Suicide seemed to follow me around during my 20+ years as a witness. 10 people, 8 of them quite close, several very close, suicided. By the time the last event occurred, I thought I was more "aware" in this area . . . but I still never saw it coming.

    Mental illness is a lonely and frightening experience . . . even with first class care. What his woman had to face alone is truly heartbreaking. I know that feeling of wishing I had done more . . . but remember, even if you did, that doesn't guarantee a good result.

    As I said in another thread . . . this organisation has a callous spine running right up it's back, that is clearly seen in hindsight. We're not like that . . . that's why we're not with them anymore.

  • JWdaughter

    Such a sad story. A reminder to us all to find compassion for those who don't quite 'fit in'. This lovely lady sounds as if she was really trying to pull herself out of the pit she was in, but she didn't have the tools. I appreciate your compassion for her and I can guarantee you that she did too.

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