She jumped off the dam...

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  • TimeBandit

    What a great song FHN. So appropriate. Thanks.


  • FlyingHighNow

    You are welcome, Chris. I was listening to that LP a lot, a gift from your dad, when your mother was about to give birth to you and after. I love you, too.


    What a horrible story, and I am sorry for the loss of her life as well as what the elders forced upon you. However, perhaps you were put in that car for a reason. You had even greater empathy for her after that belittling, and understood her situation more clearly than others. YOU were the one that would cross her path while walking. I am sure she felt comfort from that, despite what had happened. Hearing what that fucking elder put her through makes me wish I could pummel him and leave him on the curb, only for him to get up and be struck by a car

    I always felt bad for those of emotional distress and our hall seemed to have quite a few who were on meds. Hell, I'm sure I should have been too. I would hate how some would talk about these "mentally unstable" ones. Like they were lower class or something. (One day I may end up telling the story of how my roommate began thinking she was one of the 144k and partook one year. Oh did the shit hit the fan that year!)

    In fact, to this day I feel guilty because of a sister who was schizophrenic and appeared to commit suicide (pill overdose) in a hotel a few days after telling her she could no longer stay with me (small place, unpredictable behaviour, etc.) Some friends, aware of some of the actual accounts tried to reassure me it wasn't my fault. Still, although the guilt has subsided, I will feel regretful until MY death.

    One of the things I always held on to was that in the new system, all these beautiful people will have their minds restored (as will those with physical impairments). Course, if it were up to the GB, anyone committing suicide would not get a resurrection

    Now, I have no idea what the future holds for any of us. I would like to believe that good-hearted people will be in a place, no matter where that may be, where they can be whole...Whatever that may be for each of us. And I'm still holding on to the fact that one way or another, I AM going to see loved ones who have died, including that siser.

    To this day I remember her at my wedding. I remember her smile. I remember how hard she tried to get to know people at the hall. I remember how awful she was treated. I cry for her.

    I hope you can find peace, TimeBandit. I am glad you posted a pic of both of them...that rat bastard husband as well as Patricia, who, yes, has a great smile.

    Always remeber the love and kindness you showed for her did NOT go unnoticed by God above, and neither has the cruel treatment she received from the brothers and sisters...ESPECIALLY from her "loving shepherds".

  • TimeBandit

    Thanks Ak for the soothing words.


  • LV101

    I'm so sorry and makes me hate that org and their clergy class even more (the evil ones, not the innocent elders out there). There has to be a God that will rectify and help the innocent and pay back the evil to the JW org.

    Great songs --- James Taylor my fav and good pick.

  • mercedes_29

    Someone close to me committed suicide so reading about stories like this always break my heart. I am so glad that there are people in the world who can recognize when others need help and try to reach out. Sometimes it isn't enough tragedy happens. Women are always treated like second class citizens in the WTS especially ones with non-Witness husbands. Elders like Ted make me sick. At least now Patricia isn't suffering anymore.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    A beautiful tribute.

    To Patricia and all those gentle ones who were abused by the Borg:

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    A friend of mine was beaten to death by her husband - in front of their little children - and I've always felt like I should have done something to help her get away from him before that happened. In reality, there wasn't anything I could have done - I didn't even know he was abusive. I thought he was just weird, and since he made her wear a hijab I never saw any marks on her body. He wasn't even a real Muslim - just a pretender. He was a standard issue American from Chicago, raised as a Baptist.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    There is little you can do in most of these cases. Good luck to you and any family she may have. Sometimes I feel that maybe death is the best outcome for people in these situations, I have contemplated and even attempted a couple of times during my time in the borg.

  • BluesBrother

    I wonder if other religious groups have as many "troubled" members as do the J W's? I have certainly known a few in my time.

    Is it the carrot of the New World, or the stick of Armageddon, or the pressure of having to do everything properly?

    Timebandit, you have a beautiful least the poor lady is not forgotten

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