Does Jah protect G.B.?

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  • criticalwitness

    i ask purely out of curiosity not to provoke imply or incite anything. but when you consider how the pope has to ride around in a bullet proof golf cart lol and considering how many maby thousands of people (apostates) theyve pissed off over the years it takes some pretty big ga-hoe-nads to do this purposefully with no security if you really didnt believe some god was protecting you. and ive seen gb walk around aimlously around bethel henchel swingel schroder without a care in the world? what gives ?

  • mP


    religion is only about truth and hope if your one of the illiterate masses. Anyone with a critical mind or perhaps someone who moves in the upper classes realise its just a tool to manipulate the masses. Notice that the masses believe but the establishment are very different in their behaviours and more. Only the dumb followers die for their religion, the leaders are complete contradictions in this case and many other cases.

  • biometrics

    Well according to them they were protected from visting the twin towers on 9/11.

  • Phizzy

    I think the GB are fairly safe, perhaps they believe they are protected, as their God does not exist this cannot be so of course.

    Bethel is not a doddle to get in to, so an element of security is there, at DC's etc GB members have guys assigned as minders, whether they would be like Reagan's BG's and prepared to stop a bullett is doubtful.

    Most of us who leave feel anger to some degree, often quite hot to begin with, we have been lied to, duped, and wasted our lives because of the W.T, but after a short time the anger diminishes, we realise the WT do not matter, living our own lives well is what is important.

    What would it accomplish to attack a GB member ? only negative things, re-inforcing the view that Apostates are "mentally diseased" and are dangerous.

    Some nutter may do it some day though, if you are reading this Bethel Lurkers, I suggest you up your security, it makes sense.

  • jwfacts

    Although there is similarity between how the Pope positions himself and how the GB do, the Pope has far more significance than the GB. Leading 1 billion people, the Pope is far more likely to have his life threatened. It is a bit like the difference between the negligible amount of security for the Australian Prime Ministers and the extreme security surrounding the US President.

  • biometrics

    The GB don't enjoy any special protection from God anymore than an ordinary JW would.

    The most logical answer is that Jehovah's Witnesses are very insignificant, and as such, nobody cares to assassinate or harm them. The same could be said for leaders of other smallish, cult like religions.

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb


    Maybe if god were real and/or gave a flying fart in space.

    But no.

  • criticalwitness

    its good to put things in perspective i find when you grow up in org the gb kinda have some mystic air to them but actually are probably more like frumpy old men who just hopes the gravy train doesnt stop anytime soon i have found so called apostates to be actually more civil and emotionally balanced than most wtnss just thought it was odd usually a guilty party or person who is intentionally screwing ppl will put in place a means to protect themselves although they have done than with an iron clad legal team!

  • blondie

    No, but not for the reasons you think. The WTS puts forth the "as a group" doctrine but does not say individuals will be protected. We are all replaceable, including the so-called GB. Remember that some of the apostles were put to death and others lived on like John.

  • Jeffro

    They are protected by the fact that they are dull and insignificant.

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