Richard Dawkins is Agnostic?!

by cedars 130 Replies latest jw friends

  • Phizzy

    According to this thread we Atheists are believers and have a religion. O Kaaay..... if you say so.

    I am not getting at you Cedars, with the following, honest ! but you said you think of Atheist belief as being "just like any other", I disagree.

    The Atheist position is taken because of the total lack of evidence for god. The believers position is taken despite there being no evidence.

    To use my example of the Piggy Bank , no coins = empty, to believe the coins exist without evidence is not the same quality of belief as my negative one.

    The Atheists position, belief if you like, is in accord with the facts, the believers is not, and is therefore delusional and not to be respected.

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