The Little Aggravations: Things I Don't Miss

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  • talesin


    Now that I am I am in my 50s, I am even more grossed out that some 50YO man was bartering for me with my parents. And think about it, does a 17YO gurl want a 35 year old man drooling over her? Not really, unless she has 'issues'.



  • talesin

    And now that I have been called a GILF (!), I can honestly admit, that the thought of having a one-nighter with some college boy who is (yes) young enough to be my grandson, truly sickens me. So, in answer to your question, I do not find 30 year-olds disgusting, but they may be a bit 'young' for me.



  • puffthedragon

    haha, point taken talesin!

  • talesin

    Puff,,, Hells yah! Although I could make an exception.

  • Haulin Oats
    Haulin Oats

    The applause, post-assembly. Hated it

    The bathrooms at a DC where everyone drops a deuce after the "noon meal". NOPE

    That TOOL who has the talk on the assembly he has to read word for word; trying furiously to interject gestures or tone of voice changes to get a point across while reading some drivel that the GB provided for us to hear....Lame.

    That idiot from the GB on the final day of assembly in the afternoon who provides "experiences" that very likely have been doctored/fabricated/changed so dramatically they probably didn't happen. "Hey here's some lies to make you feel good for wasting money/time/resources on our stupid program."

    Those two-faced hussies in the hall who seem to think everyone needs to hear their opinion about everything. Or who will piss and moan when someone crosses her, yet when she does it she feels she's valid in doing so.

  • d

    Early morning fiedl service and The 3 day conventions having to get up at 3:00 in the morning.

  • LouBelle

    As a 'sister' I had to put a dishcloth or something over my head if I was doing the reading at the bookstudy and there unbaptised males. Once my gran or mother were conducting a bible study and a brother was accompaning them and for some reason they couldn't find material to drap over her head - unfold a serviette - I kid you not!!!

    They hypocracy of the brothers and sisters. My mother and aunt had unbelieving mates and getting 4 little kids plus an aging mother to a convention with all the gear was no small feat. NOT ONE LOVING BROTHER/SISTER would help them. I saw that while I was still in and it pissed me off.

    Symposium talks - can't remember if that is what they were called. One hellofa long talk broken up into 3 or 4 parts and each handled by a different brother.

    Taking notes - you HAD to take notes otherwise you were not spiritual - by the third day I was noted out. Also by the time I went to my last convention - I literally made myself a bed and slept through a few talks (lying down - yup) I felt so "bad" it was awesome.

  • respectful_observer

    - I used to have a book study conductor growing up that, if we happened to finish 10 minutes early, would say "Well, since we have a few extra minutes, let's open our Bible's to this week's Bible reading and see how far we can get." Once the debate over whether to switch readers at paragraph or at column breaks was finished, we'd spend the next 10 minutes going around the room doing the weekly reading. Torture!

    - I hated being a young baptized teenager out in service during a school vacation week and being expected to conduct the service meeting and "take the lead" in the car group. One the one hand all the older sisters were pushing me to take the lead, but challenging me on every little decision on which house to go to, who should work with whom, whether we do "house-over-house", etc., etc....

    - Being an attendant at CAs and DCs next to a section that had been closed/roped off. It was a guaranteed battle every time with people trying to sit there. REALLY??? The auditorium is barely half full, and there isn't a single other place for you to sit???

    - Parking attendants at the CAs and DCs. I am fully capable of parking my car between the lines. I mananged to drive myself all the way here safely after all, didn't I? (On the other hand, given how many people can't seat themselves once they walk inside without screwing everything up, maybe it's NOT such a bad idea!!)

    That's what jumps to mind now, but I'm sure I'll come with a few more throughout the day...

  • LongHairGal


    Aggravations I don't miss:

    - Having to check myself out to see that nothing I am wearing is too tight, low cut, short, etc. (don't want to draw criticism from the control freaks).

    - Having to listen to talks where I want to get up and run out because they are so full of it. (talks on education, asking for $, singleness).

    - Getting home late on Thursday nights in the cold weather after attending a meeting and being bone-tired. What a waste of time and gas. Really, how much longer was I to be the object of astonishment? ("Wow, she still comes.") The hypocrites know it wouldn't be them still coming if they hadn't gotten married).

    - Having to see phoney smiles of false friends and watching them squirm if you happen to be put in a car group with them. (I saw this once with an elder's wife when the CO was visiting - boy did it change my opinion of her and made me see just how it all operates !)

    - Having to cringe when I am handed an invitation for a baby shower for a girl that doesn't say hello (a single woman is always invited to something where a gift is expected - but she's carefully excluded from a lot of other things).

    - Not having to agonize if and how I am going to the assembly.

    There are probably other things I have forgotten but these are the main ones, especially the ones about dealing with the phoney people and the appalling attitude towards single women. I will never tolerate any of this garbage again.

  • Jeffro
    The final prayer at the District Convention. Finally, it was done. But, why o why do you have to pray for 10 minutes.

    JWs 'prayers' at 'meetings' are really just a summary of the program's content, to reinforce the information. It has very little at all to do with 'worship' (this style of indoctrination is true of their entire 'meetings'). The convention program is longer, so the prayer drones on for longer.

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