The Little Aggravations: Things I Don't Miss

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  • puffthedragon

    -elder I would never stand between you and Thor. I still gotta check that movie out.

  • blondie

    I can remember when my husband did accounts. The boxes locked but still had a slot people could put money in. So locking the boxes did not help especially since another congregation met afterwards on Sunday and the following weeknight. Nothing worried the elders more than that even a penny of "their" money went to the other congregation. My husband stayed 20 minutes and that was it. He would not close out the KH. Fortunately most of the congregation were out the door before 10 minutes (the same people that showed up 15 minutes late every time although they lived on 10 minutes away).

    My husband was an excellent accounts servant, on time, did the reports timely, and successfully managed the donations that never met the monthly bills. He finally saw to it that the jws that donated for the parking lot were paid, after over 5 years of non payment. He also juggled successfully the utility bills and the mortgage. He straightened out the accounts of 3 congregations (which he saw go into the crapper when he went to another congregation). One congregation had to secretly have a sister do the accounts when he left and have her dumbo elder husband sign off and read her report at the meeting (eh, didn't know they did that?)

    I don't miss the jws that would say they would have to have you over some day...meaning the same as "the end" 40 years gone and no sign yet. I remember one saying to me and I said "we've had you over for dinner 10 times so far and we have yet to see the inside of your house; let's set a time about 6 to 8 weeks out" Their response, "we're already booked out 8 weeks" me: "then how about this day (ten weeks out)" them: "we can't book out that far, something else (better) might come up"

  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo


    I remember as a child when my family had to accomodate the CO for their visit...had to give up my room and go sleep on the sofa.

    Because I'm single, if I were to invite a female/sister to the hall who they've never seen before (it could've been a family member from another area)...they automatically assume I'm dating someone...then the extremist elders would say it's not appropriate rubbish.

    People didn't show up for their parts on the TMS and I'd have to substitute.

    Wanted to stay home every Saturday to watch cartoon like any other normal kid...but had to be dragged out in FS.

    Kool Jo

  • GeneM

    I hated never ever getting to sleep in. What kind of kid has to wake up at 7:30 m-f for school and then 7:30 on staurday for FS and then 7:30 sunday for Metting?

  • Morbidzbaby

    I hated being on a study with a sister and being asked to say the prayer. Um...I don't pray to begin with. And now you want me to mumble and stutter through a prayer on behalf of YOUR student? Do it your dang self!

    Field service was an annoyance to me. I didn't want to be out there, I didn't want to push a religion I was "iffy" on. For a long time, I felt that people should be left alone to live their lives their way and let "god" judge them.

    I hated when we would go out after meetings and conventions and people STARED because of us being all dressed up and conspicuous. What was worse was when someone at our table would inevitably pipe up and try to "witness" to the waitress.

    I hated the JW's who thought that leaving a TRACT in their hotel room or on the table at a restaurant was equivalent to a tip!! I knew someone who did this regularly. Or someone who left $2 as a tip, standard. No matter how much the meal cost, no matter if our room was always clean. $2. Also taking more than their fair share at the "continental breakfast" or filling their entire cooler with ice for the day. No wonder a lot of hotels were dropping off the "approved" list!

    Also those that gave outgoing talks and were "hosted"...but brought a million extra people with them who were NOT family and the "host family" was expected to feed everyone.

    I hated pioneering and being told I would be "helped" to get my hours...and then when the time came, no one was around even though we had a lot of pioneers in our congregation.

    @Puff, I told my BF (he's never been a JW, but he enjoys the funny stories) about the change in the donation box thing and he cracked up and said "Hell yeah! Sounds like something I would do!".

  • falseprophet

    I hated the applause after the assembly.

    Three days of torture, then that loooooong prayer, previously mentioned. Brother says "Amen" and some super-spiritual, attention-seeking idiot starts to applaud in "appreciation". You could hear the applause getting closer and closer to you with a sense of resistance as each person felt forced into joining in when it came near to them. Then, when everyone around you begins to clap, you start to question yourself: Should I join in?

    It was peer pressure at its best.

  • GeneM

    When a group would go out to a resturant and Brother Pompas would stand up and say a prayer in public, with people staring. Are you effing kidding me?

  • elderelite

    This thread is priceless!!!

  • ShirleyW

    We also had a Bro. Pompous who would basically all the time preach" you need to do more for Jehovah" and try to outshine the other Brothers.

    Well, I guess he felt a certain Pioneer Sis needed to do more for him, conducted the Watchtower on Sunday, read off with Sis Pioneer on a Wednesday both DF'd, had an affair that was going on for years. But wait, there's more . . . ! They both did their repentant year long run of being Df'd they both divorced their spouses, got reinstated and married and currently still sing the praises of Jah !

    So my aggravation with the Borg is . . . HYPOCRISY !! Some can get away with it, some can't.

  • snowbird

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