The Little Aggravations: Things I Don't Miss

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  • james_woods

    Shirly, I know a person who had not one, but THREE affairs - and is still a JW and now an elder.

    After being DFd anc saying he was sorry all three times.

    John Edwards comes to mind.

  • simon17

    Great stuff, pretty fun and cathartic to think back to all these feelings from back in the day.

    Another one:

    Once had a non-witness GF who I was ashamed to tell about being a JW at first and going to meetings all over the week. She would want to call me though and chat, as is usual. I told her (accurately) that my free minutes didn't start till after 9:00 pm. Well on meeting nights of course the meetings ended at 9:15... or 9:20... or worse. For a couple months I had to bridge those awkward 15 minute gaps until I could run out and call her back. Sometimes I'd miss the call and explain it away or text her that I was busy with dishes or something and I'd call in 10 minutes. Once I ran to the parking lot at 9:00, talked for 10 minutes, said I had to run to the bathroom and returned for the prayer and a few minutes of socializing before running back out. It was absurd. I've never cheated but I felt like I was hiding a second girlfriend.

  • Phizzy

    I tried not to let small things bother me too much, it was hard enough rationalising the big stuff.

    But what I found really annoyed me was the Elder (usually) who thought things did not apply to him, we would have rules about parking for example that were basic safety and consideration for others, but no, Bro Ahole would ignore all that. didn't apply to him.

    We tried to be civil to each other and greet eachother etc but no, Bro Noseinthe air would walk right past you.

  • talesin

    I don't know if this is a little aggravation for others, but being presented with old geezers as potential mates (30+ to 50 YO) when I was 17, was annoying for me, and embarrassing, too! I remember brother Sweats-A-Lot, and I had to put up with his middle-aged body close to mine because I was forced to 'at least meet him, and dance with him at so-and-so's wedding'. ugh!


  • puffthedragon

    tale you dont still find 30 year olds old and gly do you? :)

  • WTWizard

    I always hated field circus. The regular things (not including the whoppers that happened occasionally) included showing up hoping no one else would show up and I could go home, only to find that fxxxing van parked (engine running) in the parking lot or driveway. They would sit out there, until just before time for the meeting to start, and then show their ugly faces. Then people would straggle in, and by 9:20 or so, there would be a group of 15 or 20 witlesses for field circus. I always hated that. Every damn time.

    Or, when I would be reading for the book study, I would read fast and fluently to speed things up (I was always a fluent reader, and I could read most of the difficult words without much trouble). The conductor would always find ways to waste the time I made up on stupid things, preventing me from having the damn meeting finished 10 minutes early. No, they never ordered me to slow down--they just wasted the time I saved.

    The thing that always pxxxed me off the most was when I got kept out late in field circus. I had a schedule that I was supposed to be in at noon, and since they never had a good enough reason for me to stay out beyond that time, it was absolute. It had to be, otherwise I would be bouncing from one "Just one more call" to the next until well after 4. They didn't give a fxxx that I had to work that afternoon--they would just as soon I be 15 minutes late for work, racing in at the last minute because of field circus. Still, they tried to squeeze in "one last call" 5 minutes before I was supposed to go in from field circus. I also hated it when it looked certain that the day of field circus was going to be short, only to have the scumbag that was working with me finding some way to waste 1 1/2 hours of my time.

  • blindnomore

    Jws are cheap and stingy in general not necessarily to themselves but to others, including their fellow believers.

    I had to drive my car out on the service most of the time. I averaged about 700-800 field service miles monthly for 15 years. I was a single parent with several kids living under very limited funds half of 15 years. Only person ever attempted contribute gas money was an elderly woman who didn't drive.

    Most others just took advantage of my generosity. They alway acted broke until we take break. A fairy had never failed to fill their wallet right before the break. Me and my kids usually would shared one order of fry and drank water while the rest car group gorging their meals and drinks.

    Once I had 8 people in my little 5 seat car because no other person would volunteer their vehicles. I didn't care for one particular woman, who is about 6 feet and 300lbs with bad body odor, that never failed taking adavntage of my car but ignored me all other times. Yes, she and her childeren were one of those 8 in my car one afternoon while making RVs.

    Can anyone help me why should I miss JWs?

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Field service reports......not enough mags.....hmmmm just add a few here......not many books......add a couple here and I'll catch up next month.

  • elderelite

    Gawd this all so true :-P Especially the car stuff..... We had a mini van when our kids were little and every friggin weekend it was filled up with people and weekdays my (so called) wife would drive it in service... Racked up well over 150,000 in 2 years. No appreciation let alone gas money... "do more for jah bro EE".... Sigh.... But such a privledge!

    What about the blizzard that hit during the assembly.... Can leave early though, and be sure to stay and clean!!!

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    Right now my biggest aggravation is the one's who try to act like your friend but would serve you to Satan if given the chance. These are the same slime balls that always say, "We should do something" but NEVER invite you to do to anything because they want you to do it. WTF? If you wanna do something with me ask, but I'm not gonna go outta my way to make plans with you when I don't give a rats ass; I can barely tolerate talking to these phonies at the king- dumb-hell, so why the hell would I want you at my house in my business?

    Oh and I get steamed when parts/meat-ings go overtime, it's insulting, irritating and disrespectful; go waste more of your own time asshole ‘cause I actually have better things to do!

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