Does this make you feel small?

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  • NewChapter

    the time frame is so immense do we really grasp the concept?

    You know my anthro prof peaked my curiosity on this point. She was incredibly intelligent, understood SO MUCH science beyond her chosen field, was able to teach the most complex lessons in a straight forward manner and was quite experienced in her field. But she would talk about deep time and admit that she has an extremely difficult time trying to grasp it. She admits that it is too much for her sometimes. It just doesn't come natural to us, and after hearing her say it repeatedly, it made me realize that many of those super scientists may very well be a bit uncomfortable themselves. When looking at space, we cannot do so without looking at immense time---I think it freaks a lot of us out.

    James Hutton was the first scientist to really investigate deep time in the late 18th century (I think). This was another thing I found so very interesting. Until the possiblity of deep time was introduced, we could not even start to understand so many things---and maybe we would not have had the theory of evolution. He came up with the concept by studying geology, and realized that vast amounts of time were needed just to shape the earth. I just find it deeply interesting to see how concepts that are everyday knowledge to us had to first be thought of and explained---debated---religiously persecuted---and then built on. It's a fascinating story, and in my opinion, Hutton should get more mention.


  • still thinking
    still thinking

    I agree sizemik...lack of perspective has a habbit of switching off the brain.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Thanks New Chapter...I am going to find some information about Hutton now.

    This is the problem with this site....far too interesting...

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    You are welcome Palmtree & BabaYaga...
    Look, Baba....our names together again......

    In a thread about feeling small, that made me feel quite lovely.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Yay! hug before I go out.....

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  • apostatethunder

    Still thinking, we can start with what is closer to us, ourselves. And from there move ad infinitum…

  • smiddy

    When you look at the enormity of what we know now about space/time/distance/etc.etc.compared to what we thought we knew a century ago,then looking forward to another hundred years hence ? the expanded knowedge we will have then? , which again will be compounded in another hundred years into the future ? and we think we have all the answers now ? I don`t think so. Oh and yes to answer the question,yes it makes me feel as small as a particle. smiddy

  • talesin

    Nope. Because I know that each particle, contains the whole universe. At least, that's what quantum physics seems to say.

    Being around my ex-fiancee made me feel small, 'cause he was zack-lee 1 foot taller than me. :))

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    It's quite exicting isn't it smiddy? To think what our grandchildren and great grandchildren will know...and take for granted. We can only dream.

    Here's another the universe selfish? Is this where we get our selfish gene?....ponder on that for a while....

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