Did you read the Daily Text everyday?

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  • Iamallcool

    Actually, I did not read the daily text everyday, I would say once a while.

  • NewChapter

    Every year I would resolve to read the text every day. Every year I didn't. But I would fold my pages as though I did. LOL

    I also noticed that those that did read the text everyday would set their mouths in this hard line about it. Like they KNEW they were reading the text everyday but nobody else was. They got that stern schoolteacher look about them. The best JW's were always the unhappiest and crankiest.

  • Chariklo

    I did. Faithfully, and dutifully, every morning.

    And, along with others, would say appreciatively, "Lovely Day Text today."

    "Yes, wasn't it?"

    "Lovely," we would all murmur.

    Since the whole thing fell apart before my eyes, I don't. Absolutely do not. Haven't opened the book since that day near the end of February, when I saw the whole thing for the nasty sham and scam it is.

  • Glander

    The good old Daily Text. A brief scripture quote followed by a long paragraph of WT interpretation. Great way to start the day in the correct frame of mind.

  • NewChapter

    Even when I did read the text, I rarely remembered it five minutes later.

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    I was pretty good at it.........

    Kept one in the car and before work I'd read it and sip my coffee then Laugh and say............

    Yep I'll work on that!!!!

  • clarity

    The watchtower ain't dumb you know

    Just another way to keep witless noses stuck in the bs.

    Every day it is something!

    daily text

    preparation for service

    d2d service

    preparation for meetings


    prepare talks

    giving talks


    cleaning hall


    getting ready for assemblies/clothes/shoes/accommadation

    d2d advertising conventions

    arranging days off work for conventions


    travelling to/attending days of "talks"


    organizing assembly notes to answer questions at first meeting after

    getting the "releases" read d2d

    "encouraging" & convincing unbelieving relatives that assembly was best ever

    visiting the sick jw's/placing latest mags

    prepare for rv's & studies


    fill out time slip again & again & again




    .every day your nose is in it .......how could we not be brain washed!


    Oh and the question ......... no never did read the "daily" text with any regularity!


  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Every single day.

    Kept it in the Bidet opposite the loo so there was always plenty of opportunities and no excuses not to!

  • shopaholic

    No...but I usually got caught up by the end of each month.

  • clearpoison


    I read it at conventions when it was part of the program, and if it was handled in meeting for field service. Otherwise I did not touch the book.


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