How can I convince my mother the JW's are wrong?

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  • Fernando

    Welcome Schnare!

    Hope you enjoy JWN and find it helpful with your mom.

    It may help to summarise useful points as you find them in various posts.

    Some that I remember:

    1. Use questions - don't tell or explain.
    2. Find out what does or would bother your mom (instead of what bothers you)
    3. SLOW DOWN
    4. Strategise carefully
    5. Use the Watchtower library - their own publications (also older publications)

    My own personal journey has revealed that the "good news" or the gospel was actually designed by God for the express purpose of setting persons free from addiction to religion/ists. This is why followers of the Watchtower cannot explain the "good news" according to Paul, Moses, Isaiah or Psalms. It may be in their publications, but it is not in their hearts or on their lips. Yet they do actually call and see themselves as "publishers of the good news"!!

    A strategy you might use is to ask your mom to mark all the ( ±152) occurrences of the phrase "good news" in the NWT reference Bible, and then to study the "good news" according to Paul with you from the books Romans through Hebrews, weekly over a period of one or two years. More than half the Bible's references to the "good news" are by Paul. It is impossible to follow the "good news" to its zenith without eventually leaving the Watchtower. Just make sure you and your mom agree that it will always only be the two of you, since you want to see if the "good news" is really in HER heart, and how it transforms HER, as proof that HER chosen course in life is worth following!!!!

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