Here is a pic of Stephen Lett and his wife.

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  • Lostandfound

    Mrs or should I say Sister Letts wardrobe has a distinctly 50s look to it

  • wannaexit
    for all I know, they are as lost (and pitiful) as I once was. I

    Lett is one of the magnificent seven, who expects unquestioned loyalty worship from millions of people. His policies have harmed many around the globe. NO I don't think he is lost and pitiful. I have no respect for him and for his goon friends up in the towers.

  • darkspilver

    I think she's looking good now with what she's wearing - bit of a tummy/hip going on which could be covered over a bit more with the jacket if it wasn't quite so tight. Nice bold necklace too (AKA Diane Lockhart in The Good Wife) - showing a nice bit of 'age appropriate' neck line too.


    ...and Then....

  • apocalypse

    Imagine. These pieces of pomposity parade themselves around like gods.

  • Dunedain

    Wasn't there something recently in print, or given in a talk, about brothers not having tight pants, and sisters not having short "male" haircuts.

    Another thing, Lett smiles like a 4 year old child, who is still learning how to smile for pictures. They tend to over-exaggerate their smile, just like him.

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