Getting away with murder - Literally

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  • tec

    It was a pretty good compliment, Anne, lol.

    I don't agree with vigilanteism. You get a world of hurt. I think our system is the best we can do (if we could take out the corruption within the system). But at least the system took into consideration the mind-set of this father, and sentenced accordingly. In vigilanteism, innocent people die... both during the self-provided justice, as well as in the cross-fire. I definitely would not want a vigilante roaming the streets. Love Batman and all, he's a cool darker hero... but i wouldn't want him around for real.



  • AnneB

    uun: Let me get back to you about dinner, some of the rellies are sleeping. :)

    tec: That's just it, you can't get the corruption out of the legal system. Innocent people die in the legal system too. If it interests you, take a look at how highway patrol(s) are formed; they're basically system-sanctioned vigilante groups!

  • usualusername


    Don't wait too long. Most of the female JWN members want a piece of me.

  • BreathoftheIndianNose

    I watched both videos like and idiot, thinking they were somehow different.

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