Etan Patz Confessed Killer Attends Kingdom Hall

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  • yourmomma

    2 witnesses or not, it doesnt matter, according to the letter skeeter is referencing, the elders are told to cover up crime and not cooperate with police.

  • sammielee24

    I never heard they found the body. The dug up some places but didn't find anything according to the news this morning. I agree - it doesn't say that he was a JW at the time of the won't be a big part of the story in main stream news reporting. This will at least - one hopes, bring a bit of closure to the little boys parents.....sammies

  • carla

    For those asking if he was baptized or not, it only matters to the jw community. Once the association is made he will be tied to jw's in the public eye. Outsiders do not understand nor care that jw's only consider 'baptized' jw's as 'real' jw's. To most people if you go to a kh (even only sporadically) or profess to agree with some of their doctrines you ARE a jw. For many, just using the word 'jehovah' puts you in the jw camp.

  • wasblind

    Next time Jehovah's Wtinesses start spewin' bout " Bad association"

    they need not look beyond their own doors

  • james_woods

    While we really don't know the facts yet - I sort of read the original post story to indicate that perhaps the wife and daughter went to the KH, but the killer did not...

    Anybody else read it that way?

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    james - that's how I read it as well. As others have mentioned, he'll likely be tied to JWs even if its his wife and daughter that are the ones who are JWs. It will be interesting as the case unfolds.

    I wonder what caused him to finally confess?

  • Bella15


    "Well, there weren't 2 witnesses, so Pedro is a JW in good standing (assuming he is baptized of course)."

    You know there are murderers in all religions, but the JWs are so unique because they denied they have people like this in their ranks, they are SO good at pointing point the speck on someone elses' eyes ....

    I am sure that if I talk to my mom about this she will tell "you know very well that the FDS says that this is how Jehovah cleans his organization"

    Feell so sorry for Ethan's family. I hope they find some comfort after all these years ... sad sad sad

  • james_woods
    I wonder what caused him to finally confess?

    Just guessing again, but it kind of sounded like he had let it slip (just that he killed "a kid") to family members over the years, and (my speculation) the recent news story about the FBI digging up that basement may have caused somebody to realize it was him and they tipped off the police.

    What I am wondering is how many other kids he may have killed - usually these types do not just stop with one.

  • outsmartthesystem

    Carla - I get your point....but my point is more geared towards existing JWs. (like for those of us that have family in)

    If he was not baptized......a witness would say "see? he wasn't baptized. Jehovah's spirit certainly prevented it from happening"

  • Londo111

    This doesn't make Witnesses look bad as much as it makes quiet people look bad. I'm tired of the stereotype, "It's always the quiet ones." I am sure there are people of this type that were loud and obnoxious.

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