Did You Feel Like A Pest When You Went House To House?

by minimus 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    I HATED going from door to door. It was really bad when the neighbors would call each other and say that we had arrived.

    What pests we were!

    Now, I don't bother anyone if I can help it! I'll leave you alone if you don't bother me.

  • james_woods

    ESPECIALLY on the holidays.

    I finally just quit going on Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgiving.

    (Long before I left the Witnesses, BTW)

  • minimus

    me 2

  • LostGeneration

    I felt like a dumbshit

  • paladin

    I always felt embarrassed at being a pest and we had neighbors in certain areas that would phone each other. I hate preaching.

  • Chariklo


  • Reality79

    I ALWAYS hated the d2d work. HATED it. It was never something I could ever get used to.

    I was that brother that would do d2d for an hour then request to go on RVs. I knew most of them weren't even at home but it was an excuse to get away from that horrendously embarassing work. Also, I deliberately worked with those who had a ton of RVs and bible studies because I knew we wouldn't even be on the d2d work for long if at all.

    Some people used to do whole days doing only d2d work.....I could never do that in a million years. I resent that the Society actually makes people go out and do it...but I guess it's easy for those at the top since they never have to do it themselves.

    Who else used to hope that no one was at home?

  • minimus

    Reality, YOU were EVERY JW!

  • besunny

    yes I felt like a pest to,,eventhough I did door to door for almost 40 yrs I would always get some anxiety while at the service meeting thinking about what I was going to say and such,,,when I starting fading that was the first thing I stopped doing,,and what a relief!

  • minimus

    the most unnatural thing you can do....

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