Any more fond (not so) DC memories?

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  • outsmartthesystem

    "Don't know whether I can call this a fond memory or not but it was certainly an experience. As a small child at a DC in Edinburgh. We camped in a huge campsite. It was freezing cold, a canvas tent and hard camp beds with army blankets. A bucket to wee in and a bowl to wash. It was a long trek to the wash block. The assemblies then lasted 5 days, morning, afternoon and evening sessions divided by dinner break and tea break where you stood in long queues for hours and ended up with stew, mash potato, mushy peas and stewed prunes and custard. I was too small to stand up at the long trestle tables that the grown ups could, so sat underneath the table on the grass (it was all in huge marquees)...... ahhh them were the days! LOL"

    Yep......that's what God wants from little kids. Disgusting.

  • puffthedragon

    Over-zealous parking attendants who try to make everyone park so close together that they can barely get out of their cars, and probably cause a lot of dings and scrapes.

    NO A/C IN JULY (Except in the Administration office)

    Attendants who tell you to sit down when you go out to stretch you legs after sitting for hours.


    Changing lalmost all the mens rooms into womens, and then when the line gets long, putting attendants literally in the bathrooms trying to get people to speed things along. Its freaking nature leave me the @#$ alone.

    All the reminders to make donations.

    People glaring at you for drinking a bottle of water during the program.

    Walking up the stairs and seeing up a 70 year olds dress.

    The judgemental witnesses who see you at a restaurant and go "WHERE IS YOUR BADGE?"

    The fake experiences of some poor woman who felt embarassed and went into the bathroom to sew up the slit in her dress.

    The announcements about parents making teen kids sit with their parents.

    Chairs that are designed for a 2-3 hour event used all day.

    Having to clean up a bathroom in my best suit.

    Brothers I don't even know trying to rope me into helping in their department.

    A 3 hour meeting the month before the convention about how to be an attendant.

    The long drive home in my now nasty sweaty suit.

    Having to stay behind for hours if your ride was in the accounts department.

    Hearing the same damn thing over and over, every year.

    All the fake applause.

    The 10 minute prayers.

    People who you don't know coming up to you and telling you they knew you when you were a baby and starting to tell you stupid stories when you are trying to chase down that cute girl that gave you a sweet look before she disapears into the crowd.

    Going out with a bunch of witnesses to eat, then when the bill comes they are all cheapskates. (My meal was 12.95 and the drink was 3.00 here's $15 nevermind that they ate half the apetizer and don't even consider tax and tip)

    The people who read last nights new release from cover to cover and can't believe you didn't.

  • Bobbi

    My best convention memory is....

    The first year we skipped the convention as a family.

    As an added perk, a very faithful young couple walked into the store I was working in about a month after the convention. Of course they brought up the convention and how wonderful it was. I looked them straight in the eyes ,with a smile and said "Oh we didnt' go this year". They couldn't get away from me fast enough. BUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    Happines and Glee!!!


  • Bobbi

    Worst experience ever...

    2002 Calgary District Convention

    My husband didn't want to go and I was going thru a good little jw phase. We had a 1.5 year old and it was very hot. We missed the Friday session because Para had to work and I didn't feel up to going alone. Saturday, there was a bomb threat and the entire convention had to be evacuated. So we spent hours standing in the sun waiting for news. Now I should mention I was 4 months pregnant and we had previously had a miscarriage so we were understandably worried about my health. I kept feeling sicker and sicker but thought it was just the heat. We finally get in, after everyone having to show their blood cards to get back in, and we finish out the day. We made it home just in time for me to get violently ill. I mean sit on the toilet and puke in the tub sick! Needless to say we didn't go for the Sunday session. We joined a group of my friends for dinner that night and Para wore casual clothes which pissed me off cause it would really stand out that we hadn't gone. Now I wish we'd stayed home the whole weekend.


  • Paralipomenon

    I remember as a kid, exploring all the areas of the school or arena that were "off limits". We'd sneak up and down trying to avoid the "Assembly Security" that would patrol all these areas.

    I remember the "Attendants" used to get special ribbons to pin on like badges. They reused them alot so many of them were faded. When I got olderI noticed a few reading awards at school used the same ribbon type so I would come with a pocket full of them to make sure I got the color right and pin one on as I strutted through these "off limit" areas scolding younger kids. If I did see an attendant, I'd scowl and give him a head nod and ask if he'd seen a kid in a blue suit from his direction. Never got questioned.

    Valuable life lesson, if you act like you belong in a place, most people won't challenge you.

  • WTWizard

    Not to mention being instructed to just meet men at those a$$emblies. How I wish I would have had the equipment to dedicate my soul to Satan right then and there, and the threat that one more bad experience with the opposite sex and I will do just that.

    At least they got me to stop going, and hopefully worry themselves sick and waste lots of time and energy trying to see which congregation I belong to. And the more time and energy they waste on me, the better--hopefully, there are lots of other major problems that are even worse while they waste that time and energy. Hopefully, they are going to see what I also hope on other Christian churches--in their cases, empty contribution boxes.

  • Sargeant Pepper
    Sargeant Pepper

    Looking for babes through binoculars

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