Any more fond (not so) DC memories?

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  • linuxbob

    Thanks, my wife wants me to go to her convention next year and I said we will stay at a AAA hotel because of the discount. She said that there is a preferred list of hotels.

    I think its more of a control ploy.

    I use linux at home, I'm very anti Micorsoft.

    There very controlling just like the WTS.

  • baltar447

    Linuxbob, it's been discussed before, but they get free rooms and comps for hotels that sign up. So they have free rooms for the heavies that come to speak.

  • linuxbob


    Thanks, I only go to one convention a year and I go for one day only so I have never stayed at at hotel.

  • Magi

    Yeah, I did my hotel deal online one year for one not on the list and got a much better deal. I think the whole hotel list is exactly what baltar said, the tops are the ones that get the benefits and not the publishers.

  • linuxbob

    I told my wife not only do I want to stay at a AAA hotel I also want a hotel with a gym in it.

    She almost fell off the chair.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I remember one year when my middle son was 7 months old, there was *no* hot water available at all in the entire convention center. I assume they had shut it off, because it was a sports arena with locker rooms and showers so there should have been hot water. We had only been to one other convention, and my older son was not on formula at the time, so I had no idea there would be no way to make a warm bottle unless I brought my own electric bottle warmer (which I did not own as I always used the HOT WATER tap at home).

  • C6H12O6

    Honestly, I didn't have a lot of DC memories that stood out since most DC's follow the same basic formula: a series of boring speeches by big shot brothers, new releases, baptisms, fake experiences, and the overrated drama/play.

    but i remember sneaking in 2 snickers bars when i was only given healthy food for lunch and snacks

    another memory: A sister had to go to the bathroom and asked her friend to watch the fire alarm. Shortly after the sister left, her friend's daughter pulled the fire alarm. A voice over the intercom said: "This is an emergency..." Everyone was laughing. It happened in the morning before the DC opened.

  • the_raisin

    Awww guys!!! Those attendants sucked for sure :( We had a mom with two young children whose husband didn't attend meetings at all, much less the conventions, so whenever I saw her I would help her out with the then-four year old, play with him, walk him around a bit... when the baby one got a little older, I also walked with him and tried to relieve the poor sister. Years later I see her at a DA (by this point I was OUT but accompanying the family) and she comes to me all happy and excited to see me and thanks me for all the help I provided her when I was younger, saying how I'll be such a great mommy and how she's very thankful. You guys shoulda seen the looks the other young sisters around us were giving us hehehe. So that's my best memory right there :)

    I HATED the fact that the young uns would congregate in corners or around the exits and gossip. And those of us who were alone or total 'loosers' who walked with their little siblings (me!) were always teased and talked about, and nobody would do a damn thing, and they were obvious about it as well. OR when if you wanted to make people think you were 'coveted' you'd get someone of the opposite sex to walk around with you. If they saw you guys walking around, then next meeting there would be rumors you two would be dating and stuff, it made it very hard to hang around with then friends because of the gossip :(

    BUT HANDS DOWN, I LOVEEEEDDDD THE HOTELS!!!! My mom is kinda freaky about cleanliness and smoke, so she never cheapens out and goes for the 'high brow' hotels, and that meant... HOT TUB AND POOL :p oh and the gym room too!!

  • factfinder

    I hope I'm on topic here:

    Fond? The release of the Live Forever book in 1982 at the Kingdom Truth Convention was I think the most exciting convention release to me.

    Not so fond? The DC in 2000- swealtering 90 degree heat. I had a headache, was sick-got absolutly nothing out of the convention- could not concetrate on any talks- it was horrible.

    And it was the last DC I ever went to.

  • zeb

    To Outsmart...

    comments on 'speakers blaring' I entered the sickbay once at a dc and even in there they had speakers blaring. I took out my pocket knife and cut the wires through.

    "OH Thankyou" an aged sister gasped and lay down again. I had cause to go in there later and sure enough the obedient ones had reconnected the speaker.Those poor folk in there (mainly older ones) with noise booming at them.Also I could never understand why Dc were held in the extremes of weather. But I have realized since.The controllers do not have offspring and have no comprehension of what it is to have offspring.

    Let me see FAMILIES in bethel/s. With pets.

    I recall conv held in rural Australian halls where the temp was 90 + the toilets over flowing and forever the pitiable sight of a little boy squatting down crying his heart out. The fashion plate mother nudging him with her foot (dress was too tight to allow bending) telling him to get up. "Hes got dysentery" she said.

    I wonder where he is now? I still feel sad and with no little guilt that i could do nothing for him. what a lovely witness!

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