Need a little help from my friends....can you get in here and post Classic Rock (or other genres) songs with horns heavily featured.

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  • dontplaceliterature

    @botch, I'm using Safari today and my normal method for embedding the video doesn't seem to be working. :(

  • Berengaria
  • wasblind

    Soulful strut by young ,holt unlimited

    grazin' in the grass ( Instrumental )

    Herb albert and the tiaquana brass were good wit the horns

    Otis redding had a group that played wit him good on the horns ( The original Bar Kays )

    Sam and Dave had good horns in their songs

    Sly and the family stone also

    KC and the sunshine band

    You blown it all sky high by Jiggsaw

    Peg by Steely Dan

    Anybody remember the group BRASS CONSTRUCTION


    Jimmy "bo" horne had great horns too

  • palmtree67

    "Urgent" by Foreigner

    KK, I'll stop now.

  • Dagney

    I was going to say TTTTTOOOOOPPPPPPP! Berengaria beat me to it.

    A truly great band to go see if you get a chance.

  • La Falta Habitacion Por Sr Hor-Hey!!
    La Falta Habitacion Por Sr Hor-Hey!!

    THANK YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!! I've got some new bands to explore now!!!!!!!! Tower of Power is up my alley too!! I've never listened to them until you posted that Berengia!!! Thank you!!!! I've listened to Ohio Players, Parliament, and Isaac Hayes amongst others who've used horns, but never heard Tower of Power. I've never been a fan of Earth Wind & Fire, and I've tried numerous times to get into them. With the exception of Fantasy they just never did anything for me.

    Botch, that 24 or 6 to 4 song sounds almost like the track I've been searching for, but that's not it. It's an older song, with a similar sound, but the vocalist is a bit more baritone than Chicago's singer. It sounded like Tom Jones meets Chicago. God I wish I could hear that song again!!!!!

    Again though, thank you ALL!!!!!!!!! I love exploring different sounds.

  • FlyingHighNow
  • La Falta Habitacion Por Sr Hor-Hey!!
    La Falta Habitacion Por Sr Hor-Hey!!

    FHN, whoever I'm looking for has got to be from the same time frame, but it wasn't that. It was somebody or some group from that same time period, but with a deeper voice and the pace of the music was more aggressive.

  • FlyingHighNow
  • FlyingHighNow

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