A heart-wrenching comment from the JW survey...

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  • cedars

    Hi everyone

    I've just received this comment from a country in the South China Sea. I'd rather not be more specific than that.

    The English is poor, but the message is heart-wrenching. Any who question whether ordinary publishers wrestle with doubts need only read this message. It well captures the fear and confusion that are experienced by many JWs as they try to grapple with the unreasonableness of the Society's teachings.

    i'm glad in this in this survey. many things that u said is also what i feel.

    i am active publisher but i hav many question about the organization. mostly how they apply and interpret the bible prophecy.i remember one night my wife hear me crying and she ask why. i said "where is my loyalty? to my God Jehovah or in the Governing Body?

    I'm afraid to ask my many question even to my close brother in the congregation or in elders coz i feel they think that i become apostate which is not true. every convention or assembly many topics that discourage getting higher education. there are also experiences that becoz they sacrifice higher educ and choose pioneering they become fully christian. well i am glad for them. i am also become a regular pioneer and special pioneer.

    i also sacrifice higher educ and i not regret. this is my choice. but even i choose this course i did not feel that i am much better than others who choose to study. i did not discourage any brother or sister to get higher educ. coz i know they can also praise Jehovah in school and live in Bible principle. i know they are many. sad to say they did not given opportunity to give experience in assembly or convention or cong meeting.

    another thing is becoz they get higher educ it gives them a good income for their family. also there are more financial support in congregation if many publisher has a good income. sadly many c.o. or d.o. or publications said that if one get much more study this is becoz he wants fame, rich and materialistic. no, no, no. that is very judgemental and many jw did not know and accept that they are judgemental many times jumping to conclusion.

    also they discourage sports extracuricular, activities, promoted in your office or works and others.
    about giving explanation in bible prophecy is unconsistent. matthew 24:34 is one example. many jw expected that the generation of 1914 will by no means pass away. but the reality is different. many prepared in expectation but not prepared in reality. what other expectation of many jw will remain expectation. the light is getting brigther they said. but if they give answer in one question coz they change the explanation in prophecy for me it will bring another question. and mostly much more question will rise than the answer they give.

    Seek Jehovah, seek meekness, seek righteousness...(Zep.2:2,3) i seeked Jehovah. He is my God and the God of my family. I put faith In Jesus being a savior. I always seek meekness. but for now seeking righteousness in organization is a big question for me.

    Hopefully this JWsurvey will help those many JW to enlighthen us.

    May Jehovah bless us.

    If you haven't already done so, please vote on the 2012 JW survey. Spread the link to friends and family as much as you can.


  • soft+gentle
  • james_woods

    Well, that is a great illustration about how these fat cats have reached out from their penthouse apartments in Booklyn and screwed up peoples lives halfway around the world.

  • soft+gentle

    such a brave devout man and how cruel and uncaring the society is to such ones

  • cedars

    I have no idea what to begin to say in reply. I've been having a tough time of it all myself recently, what with my Dad and everything. Today is one of those days where I'm finding it hard to summon the positivity.


  • 00DAD

    Cedars: Today is one of those days where I'm finding it hard to summon the positivity.

    Jesus said you'll know the truth and it will set you free. He did not say it would make you happy. Also, you're very much still in transition. Mentally you're out, but you're very much still a captive in many ways to the lifestyle.

    You'll never be the same as a result of being a JW, but I believe that you'll become stronger and eventually much happier once you are able to fully throw off the chains of this false belief system. It's very difficult unshackling oneself from the myriad chains that hold (held) us in. Untying the Gordian Knot would have been simpler!

    I'm not sure there's an Alexandrian solution to this problem. If there is, no one seems to have found it; and if they have, they're not sharing!

    Keep the faith, faith in yourself and in what is true and right.


  • panhandlegirl

    What a sincere and honest man. It just breaks your heart to see how the WBS has used people's desire to serve God for their own glory and enrichment.

    Cedars, I am always encourged by your posts. I know some days life seems harder than other days. Maybe you need time for yourself, to rejuvenate your inner spirit.

    Panhandle Girl.

  • InterestedOne

    I can't help but feel sad seeing all the WT-isms in his use of the English language.

  • BroMac

    Cedars your a good lad. your doing your best to 'deal' with it the best you can and know how to. think what it would be like without this place. your doing good work for alot of people, also it must be good for you when you are doing your research.

    Sometimes I think Moshe has it right. just do one! deal with the upset. Then other times I think slow and gentle.

  • WildeLover

    Tragic. Like so many he has sacrificed so much and for what? being caught and trapped.

    Hope you ok Cedars! you're doing good work

    Best wishes


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