Solar Eclipse Tomorrow, May 20, 2012

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  • flipper

    OHIO COWBOY- Mrs. Flipper and I are in Northern California in the Sierra mountains. My sons girlfriends dad gave us a couple pair of the plastic viewing glasses to watch it when we celebrated her college graduation Saturday.

    So Sunday I was doing some of my jobs about 6:30 P.M. and put the glasses on- and it was pretty awesome. The moon was covering over the sun about 95 % , pretty wild looking. But I only looked for a few seconds as the recommendation on the glasses said not to watch for more than 3 minutes due to possible eye damage. When I went to my next job location at a restaurant , several of theit employees didn't have glasses and wanted to see the eclipse, so I obliged them. By that time the moon was only blocking out about 40% of the sun as the eclipse was gradually receding. But the few of them that looked were pretty impressed with what they saw. So I gave them the glasses for the next time ! Pretty neat

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