Spelling/Grammar Nazis.

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  • nicolaou
  • talesin

    Too fu*king funny! Especially,, my personal pet peeve ....... proNOUNciation..


    bonne merci, N!

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions


    I am a closet grammar nazi. I can be a spelling nazi, but somewhat less so.

    Of course, I make mistakes too. I just don't mind MY mistakes.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    My spelling is crap and so is my grammar....oh well.....

  • talesin

    still -- no one (especially me) is judging you ... and if they are,,, they are stone cold idiots.

    This is not a place to worry about grammar and spelling. It only irks me when I see it in professional settings, so I apologize if I came off as hyper-critical. Yes, it's hard to read ppl mixing up yours and your's, but I realize that is my profession,,, and not that of the everyday person who is communicating online. I love the sincerity, and reading the stories of all!

    lol,, a friend once corrected me for typing the word "genious" ,,, hahaha,, he said "If you're such a genius, you should know how it's spelled!"

    arg,,, I'm such an eedjit!!!!

    nuff said!

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    thank you...

  • 00DAD

    Low-Key Lysmith: Whoa!! Easy there 00DAD! When it comes to the whole "say your piece/peace" thing, both make sense, right?

    talesin: 00DAD --- chill! we were just having a bit of fun. xoxo I know some things have been a bit tense around here,, so understood. (hug)

    I was just havin' fun too. Sorry if it wasn't obvious!

    Low-Key Lysmith: No need to get all aggro about it.

    What the heck does "aggro" mean????

    I you suggesting I become a farmer as in "agriculture"? Please eschew obfuscation and elucidate!

  • NewChapter

    For what it's worth, LK, I also used the term peace instead of piece earlier in the same thread. This was not because I don't understand the different spellings and what they mean, but because this is a term I have heard spoken, but not seen written.

    So my reasoning was that it was similiar to 'holding your peace'. I assume it is 'peace' since holding it is something you do in polite company, whereas holding one's piece is not done in polite company.

    So I looked it up online and found that there have been dabates over speaking one's peace/piece. The consensus seem to be that this should read 'piece'.

    By the time I get to correcting someone's grammar and spelling, I have already dismissed all they are going to say, and am finished with them. Like the time I recently chided a person (not here) for writing that "You'd better change your ways or you will burn in hell !!!" Love God !!!!!

    I was finished with this person, so I helpfully pointed out his abuse of exclamations marks. More than one does not intensify the emotion and using more than one is like saying 'bestest'.

    So unless you are a grammar teacher, or have a special relationship with someone where your grammar lessons are welcome, it is safe to assume it was meant as an insult.

  • Phizzy

    I don't think it matters greatly when posting on here, though it is common courtesy to read your post and edit the howlers. Please.

    I too am a speed reader and the mistakes slow me down, I also think they can display an ignorance of the real meaning or usage of a word, or quite often an idiom, how often have we seen "I could care less" instead of "I couldn't care less " which is what the poster meant.

    Again, not life or death, unless you are writing to a JW, if you get one bit wrong, they will focus on that and ignore the rest of your argument.

    So, in that case, checking our spelling, grammar and above all, our facts, is vital, we may save their life.

  • Ucantnome

    It doesnt bother me at all. people who are bothered by it bother me more

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