I Met a C.I.A guy last week

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  • Was New Boy
    Was New Boy


    I'll tell you a story about some thing that happened to me last week.....everyone loves a good story right?...this one is true

    So I got a job selling time shares. This old guy (about 90 years) walks up wearing a WWII 101 airborne ball cap. So we start talking, His name is Edward D. Shames, (you can google) he is really big on himself a cocky SOB who reminded me of my father, a real "Archie Bunker". Come to find out he was mentioned in book and the HBO series "The band of Brothers"....He gives me his buesiness card he is a retired army colonal. So I tell him I was in the war too....(I believe in reincanation) he looks at me Like I was crazy and walks away....Well the other guy he was with (mid fifties) is also a retired air force colonal also(gives me his business too). He says he believes in reincarnation too. So we start talking. We're having this great conversation. He tells me that the the old guy works for the C.I.A. And get this.... he STILL does!

    So I asked him "What would the CIA want with a 90 year old guy anyway?"

    He said "Well....he speacilizes in the middle east."....Then he said "They have called him ten times in the last week, wanting him to cut short his vacation and come back to DC"

    Then he told me, that Ed told him that something really BIG was going to happen over there (Middle east) in 2 weeks. Ed wouldn't tell him anything else except that what every this "thing" was it would "solve the problem immeditaly over there or we would be in a world of hurt for many years to come."

    PS He said this to me last week.....tic toc....

  • jgnat

    No such thing as an immediate solution in the middle east. I'm setting my calendar and coming back in a couple weeks.

  • Kojack57

    It probably has something to do with IRAN.


  • cofty

    The old guys were pulling your chain.

    I hope I have a buddy like that when I'm their age.

  • rebel8

    How do you know it was really the guy you found in Google?

    It's probably just some ordinary man, trying to make himself feel big. Or he suffers from delusions of grandeur.

    Honestly, if he was in the CIA he is not supposed to be talking about future activities.

  • sir82

    Sounds like one of those JW stories....

    "Yeah, I know a guy whose 3rd cousin is married to the son of a janitor in the UN building....he said he overheard a conversation where this one high rankning UN guy said, 'yeah, we're going to destroy religion in the next few months'...."

  • cedars

    I don't think this was a particularly well-trained CIA operative. He must have been asleep during the "need to know" training session.


  • tootired2care

    What he may be referring to, is the Israeli attack on Iran, which is almost a forgone conclusion at this point.

    Thu May 17, 2012 -Iran attack decision nears, Israeli elite locks down


  • Was New Boy
    Was New Boy

    Well rebel8.....The old "guy" didn't tell me this, his friend did. I 'm 62 years old....I think I can spot when someone is bullshiting me. He was sincere! Plus Ed didn't really tell him anything did he??? except "something big was going to happen" It was the colonal I talk to who guess it might be Iran....either way....

    Bottom line I guess we'll all find out real soon if it was bull shit or not......right?

    Also I saw (and met) Ed Shames He is the same guy on google....and Youtube also

    If I'm lying....I'm dying!

  • cofty

    Perhaps Ed needs to remind his friend about discretion.

    He gives me his buesiness card he is a retired army colonal. So I tell him I was in the war too....(I believe in reincanation) he looks at me Like I was crazy and walks away

    Its hardly surprising he found that difficult to deal with.

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