I Met a C.I.A guy last week

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  • Was New Boy
    Was New Boy

    The story is true as I have related it.....whether I believe in reincarnation or not.

    FYI...I'm dating a women who's ex husband is also a retired C.I.A agent....He told her to stock up on food water and some kind of weapons.

    As I have said we'll all know if it is bullshit real soon.

    Frankly I really don't care what any of you believe.....I'm not selling anything....Just thought you might like and interesting story.

  • Iamallcool

    I will be back in June on this thread if Iran will be attacked or not.

  • tootired2care

    Me too, Crystal Peak signing off.

  • Blind_Of_Lies

    tootired2care- I see what you did there.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Frankly, most CIA people sit at desks and do research and analysis. I do know a few who worked for the State Dept, CIA, and top secret SEAL missions. In great contrast, even when I know these people well, I hear NOTHING beyond their employment. NO DETAILS, even little insigificant ones. I've also heard people brag at parties.

    The consequences of repeating anything are very serious: prison (hard time), jeoopardizing a mission, losing your security clearance (w/o it, you have no job), end of your career, no pension. Bad reference for a possible new job. I am very impressed that I am told nothing. Not even an inkling.

    When people admit they are foreign service, etc. but don't reveal rank, name, or serial #, I believe them. When they brag about their work and reveal operational details, they are actors, IMO. Please, the whole thing of saying you work in Langley, rather than the CIA, or go you to school in Boston, (Harvard) are old tactics. You know enough of the culture to fool people with a little bit of knowledge.

    I am getting old b/c I would call the CIA and Homeland Security and report the incident just in case he is CIA. If he is CIA, it is unpardonable and a major crime. Loose lips sink ships. Maybe he was the exception, though. I worked next door to the WTC, saw it fall from my apt. It transformed me. Heck, I always used to speak with the NYPD asking for any details they could give me. After 9/11, I took a taxi to church. The whole area was completely surrounded by National Guard, FEMA, NYPD with automatic guns. The bomb squad trucks were in the intersection. Big German shepherds were sniffing all over the place. The church is next to the hotel where foreign diplomats stay. I meekly asked if it were safe to go to church. Rather than chatting, I Had no questions. They told me it was perfectly fine. Right. I don't want to know scary stuff.

    My PT appts were in a major corporate bldg. It took four hours to get in the bldg. I knew it was a high value target. Rather than call and ask the FBI if they were monitoring it, I just went. Later, I found the whole place was rigged with sensitive biochemical detectors.

  • talesin

    IF the old guy is the real deal, my bet is SYRIA will be involved.

    just sayin ...

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    You know from reading the New York Times, The Economist, Wall St. Journal, and occasionally Foreign Policy, I can predict what may happen. The New York Times and Economist are full of very educated predictions from their journalists. People with access to more than they can legally print. The Middle East is always explosive. Everyone knows Israel will not let Iran get nuclear weapons. The Times even did a long military analysis, with possible fly routes and problems the mission would face. Heck, watch Anderson Cooper and certain things are predictable. The GOP Convention has not happened yet. I predict that Mitt Romney will be the nominee.

    Maybe he consults for the CIA. Maybe he is CIA. American and Allied lifes are at stake. What could ever be accomplished on missions if all the operatives were so open. I never saw James Bond at a bar telling everyone that he was going to save the world from worse than nuclear annihilation. Information that could kill more people in a panic than the actual bad event. Yet when he say, Bond, James Bond, everyone knows who he is.

    Well, whether true or false, he made your day very interesting. Your story is interesting and entertaining. Thanks.


    The attack against IRAN is imminent.

  • Iamallcool
  • talesin

    NOLAW -- do you really think so? That is concerning to me, as I feel, from my reading, and talking to Persians in my locale, that anarchy is fast approaching at its own pace, and it would be tragic if the US interfered at this point. :(((


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