JWN'S got talent!

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  • talesin

    We have a lot of gifted folk hee on JWN,,, I hesitate to name names, as those who are not 'known' may be shy to post. Here's some that you may have read about ...

    From former posts,,, I know that ...

    Sizemik's son is a musician.

    The Clariinetist is *really* a clarinetist.

    TOTH is a musician.

    and many more that we don't know.... please share!


  • jgnat

    Lady Lee created the best of.... section after I unequivocally stated (in my professional opinion) it could not be done.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    nice to see you jgnat. You said that it couldn't be done!

    It is too bad that right now under the .cnet almost all of the linsk don't work. My hope is that when Simon takes us back to .com they will work again. Or at the least I could redo it if needed. Simon does say that the search feature will be vastly improved so it might not be needed. People could just use the titles there and do a search for them.

  • cantleave

    I can fart in all languages!

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