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  • moshe

    I was thinking (before I go buy my lottery ticket) , I have probably spent at least an hour of my time on this forum for each of those posts and not your typical kiss-me posts that some people love to fill up the forum with, either.-- 7777 hours is a lot of time and I have been reflecting on this almost eight year voyage- has it been worth it? For me personally, yes it has. I learned quite a bit about myself and how other people's thinking process works- If I knew what meds some were on, I wouldn't have wasted my time trying to convince them they aren't the messiah--

    I am pretty sure faders will always (unless they get df'd)- hope to avoid a showdown with mommy and daddy, hoping their kids will see the light before their spouse divorces them, hoping they can keep fooling the elders and sit through another assembly with a straight face- I have pretty much confirmed how human nature works for that 99% of enlightened JWs. Fading is not a great plan, but a plan the fearful always latch onto. The newly enlightened JW who loves truth and freedom doesn't need to see the advanatges of quitting the WT cult religion and gaining control of their life- they run out of that KH- damn the torpedos- if family doesn't like it, then that is their right to stay in the KH- they give them a good witness as to the WT fraud, lies and corruption and then they leave with their honor and integrity intact.= They aren't going to be a doormat for the elders and give up their freedom, in order to obey some old geezers in Bethel, no not even for another day. JW spouses will continue to hurt spouses who quit the KH and nothing I say will stop that injustice, which I personally know all about.

    What's next? Well, I am done giving advice and opinion here about JW stuff, that is what I have decided. I might drop in to say hello, how are you doing- what's new, but that's it. I will not waste another of my limited ( and declining with age as I speak) brain cells trying to help challeneged people find the cajones to tell the elders- take this false religion and shove it- One evening of Internet research can tell a JW all he needs to know about Judge RutherFraud and his Millions now living will never die, Beth Sarim, Princes, 1975, 1914, etc - they can leave under their own steam anytime they choose.

    Only a few ex-JWs , could walk into a KH and give'm hell- will anyone rise up to replace me? We shall see, what we shall see.

  • nugget

    Moshe I have always found your insight valuable and interesting. It is good to know that you are not going for good but I will miss your take on things.

    I started as a fader more to avoid my children having to face the shunning issue but quickly discovered that to fade means keeping JW rules whilst JWs look down on your weakness. True freedom comes when you walk away and live life on your own terms and give your children real choices.

    It is good to have the uncompromising voice of reason on the board to cut through the baggage and nonsense we all wrap ourselves up in. You always tell me what I need to hear even when I didn't always want to listen to it.

  • panhandlegirl

    Moshe, I haven't been on this forum long, but I have also found your posts interesting and insightful. I did not fade, per se, I just stopped attending meeting or going in fs. Then, from what I learned on this forum, I got

    caught up in the 80' purg. The Elders called out of the blue and asked me to come to the KH to meet with them, I refused. I told them if they wanted to speak to me, they could come to my house, which they did. I must say, I

    knew more about what the WT said than they did. Anyway, I never backed off from tellling them where they were going wrong as far as the Mediator and other teaching were concerned. They, of couse, df'd me for apostacy. They

    did tell me I could appeal but I refused. When I left, I never looked back. I was in the organization from the age of 4 until sometime in the early 80's. I don't even remember in what year I got df/d. As you stated a "one evening of

    internet research can tell a JW all he needs to know" about the lies the organization has told. I hope to see your posts again, 7777/posts/hours is a lot of time!


  • clarity

    Moshe ................aww I will miss you! ..... seriously!

    I've always read & enjoyed your threads since arriving here in Aug 2010.

    But I guess 7777 is your lucky #!

    So very good luck to you & best wishes, look forward to you checking in.

    over & out ..........

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    Since 1/18/2005 }}


  • moshe

    By my accounting I have spent more hours on this forum than I did sitting in the KH meetings, asemblies and going out in FS (16 years worth)

  • Glander

    I share your feelings about the ways leave your cult (lover).

    1. Just jump on the bus, GUS, i.e. "I'm leaving, and here's why..."

    2. Make a new plan, STAN, the true fader who says what he wants others to hear, shows up for occasional meetings, i.e.the "fader game"

    This has been much discussed and I used to be very blunt in expressing my disdain for the STANs. I was a GUS and paid the price of the clean break and I have never regretted it.

    I like you Moshe, hope you continue to pop in. I promise not to make fun of your Fiat 500 ever again.

    PS Did you move to Indiana? I thought you were in Fl.

  • minimus

    Moshe,7777,aka, relax. LOL

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    congrats on your lucky number.

  • wasblind

    Hey MOSHE

    I thought we were buddies, strange ain't it ???

    here we are so different in may ways even in politics

    and yet, your are one one my favorite posters

    In talkin' to you through PM's I've have come to know

    that your opinions don't come from a hateful place

    you just speak your mind , no hidden agenda, just whats on your mind

    some things we say may offend people, we don't mean to

    but tellin' it like it is sting sometime

    you and I both know that the real world ain't a sugar coated place

    as Langston Hughes put it " Life ain't no cystal stair"

    " It has boards torn up, and places were the carpet lays bare"

    this site has a lot of topics that are sugarfree, and it's an adjustment for many

    who have lived with sugar coated info all thier lives, folks wit thin skin won't survive

    the things you say, so they will take one mistake a run wit it.

    We have all made mistakes on this board I am definitely one of them

    but it doesn't change who I am, I am outspoken, somethings I say may offend

    It is not my intention, but


    If you stop postin', all I will have to look forward to is sugar coated post

    Remember the sugar coatin' that went on in the KH's ??? all fake

  • moshe

    Thank you friend, wasblind-

    WT topics= no more for me. I'm not paying anymore attention to the newbies who are in up to their neck in KH quicksand shit and don't want to pull themselves out- also, Argentina/Malvinas, - make it a nuclear waste dump and solve the problem. Obeves & Larsinger are more entertaining.

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