Are JW's dfing those who buy holiday items now?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I don't bother too often these days with things Jw. The other day, in a chat with an old friend [also xjw] she stated that on a forum somewhere it was being ststated that JW's have ruled that those who would be found purchasing items that are considered 'holiday items' - turkey around Thanksgiving, Valentine candy, fireworks around the 4th [just a few examples] could face a JC.

    Any truth to this? Has the Watchtower taken such a stance in writing? What have you heard or experiencd in recent months that would confirm/deny this?



  • james_woods

    I do not know of any formal statement in writing (never read their junk any more, just read ABOUT it here) - but I would say this:

    If you got caught buying, say, christmas lights - were taken into a committee session to talk it over - and would not confess and say you were VERY SORRY, then I think you probably COULD get anything from reproof to DFing for it.

    "Blatant behavior without repentence" can cover a lot of activities.

  • cyberjesus

    its apostasy. so a JC would happen. anything related with "false religion" they would call it that

  • sir82

    Nothing in writing to that effect.

    However, as has been stated numerous times on this forum: A JW can be disfellowshipped for anything that 3 elders decide on.

    For 3 elders who have a grudge against another JW, or who are more self-righteous than normal, buying of holiday paraphernalia could be enough to DF someone for "apostasy" or "loose conduct" or pretty much anything that contains the right buzzwords and is remotely related to the situation.

  • blondie
    A JW can be disfellowshipped for anything that 3 elders decide on.

    Amen, sir82.

  • BluesBrother

    All depends on the B O E . If they do not like you they will make a case and try to put words in your mouth....

    Foodstuffs would be hard to prove " I am putting it in the freezer" the accused would say , but fairy lights and a Christmas Tree might be damning.

    At my last congo they made a case against someone who bought a birthday card for a family member .and was ratted on. She only got marked at that time though

  • Dagney

    The WTBS is very savvy as to telling people exactly what they can and cannot do in writing. Which is good actually. But that doesn't mean a CO or DO or zealous publisher (TM) or elder won't be happy to tell you exactly what to do or not do, which sounds kind of like what happened at that other forum.

    But, you really can get DF'd for anything the JC agrees on. If they ask you to meet up with them they can DF you for that. You can be DF'd for going against counsel. I would say if a JC DF'd a person for the BD cake/turkey/fireworks/Xmas lights etc., the person would have a good chance getting it reversed using the appeal process and threatening legal action. .02

  • Blind_Of_Lies

    It really depends on who you are, who you know and what the popular opinion locally is.

    Here is an example.

    In some “liberal” states or cities a brother/sister cannot own a hand gun and in some cases any gun AND have privileges in the hall. I have heard of extreme cases where JC’s have been formed when it is found out that a brother owns guns. There really is no written rule (last time I checked) that is for or against owning a firearm. Local opinion dictates. I happen to live in a conservative area and most of us happen to hunt. I myself have never hunted an animal but I do collect firearms. I have my own reason for doing this. A few years back a family moved to our area from somewhere in California, the congregation there had a moratorium on guns in general. Being the nice guy I am I invited him over for a meal with my family. He got the “grand tour” and that included my den where my guns are displayed in their locked cases. I have all kinds of them, from modern guns to antique muskets and the like I have hand guns and legal machine guns alike. This guy FLIPPED out, he accused me of living a double life and left shortly after. This happened on like a Friday night, Sunday meeting rolled around and as I had expected I got called into the back room. The elders were on my side but this guy just didn’t quit he took it to the CO, the CO wrote Brooklyn (maybe the elders wrote the letter but the CO wanted it, I can’t remember) Brooklyn basically said as long as I wasn’t going on people hunting expeditions that I could have my guns and still offer them free services such as mowing the kingdom hall lawn and running microphones however if my guns were at risk of stumbling members of the congregation then I would have to be dealt with. Long story short, that guy didn’t get invited over again.

    I remember years past where MySpace was forbidden from the stage by name, it was never mentioned in articles by name but it was described with the WTBTS’s amazing methods at being just inaccurate enough to let someone have an excuse but still empowering people to be snoopy and judgmental. Gotta love it.

    Anyway, at that time I had a myspace and as an adult with a myspace it really blew peoples minds. Then along comes faceboook, I log into facebook and HOLY COW the same elders who glared me down for MySpace had Facebook accounts, fragging morons.

  • jamiebowers

    lt's been posted that an announcement was made at an assembly. Please read this thread:

  • EmptyInside

    That's just crazy,why am I surprised. A lot of Witnesses around here have turkey around thanksgiving.

    But,of course,holiday decorations still are a disfellowshipping offense. They disfellowshipped a man with early signs of dementia for putting up Christmas decorations.

    This really angered me,because this man has no one to really look after him,and I think the elders saw an easy way out to be rid of him. I know my father had severe dementia. And he reverted back to the time before he became a Witness,and asked about getting a Christmas tree. I'm surprised they didn't bring on a judicial committee.

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