Those of you in relationships, when your partner gets clingy, is it flattering, irritating? How do you deal with it?

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  • La Falta Habitacion Por Sr Hor-Hey!!
    La Falta Habitacion Por Sr Hor-Hey!!

    I'm just curious as I'm on the outside looking in when it comes to relationships, yet I recall Undercover explaining to me a year or so ago on another thread how his wife was clingy one morning before he went to work. It made me wonder as someone who's single, what do you feel when you need to be somewhere and your significant other is clingy at the moment? Or when your out and about and he/she is clingy, is it flattering, irritating? Just curious. How do you handle it if is a bit much?

  • NewChapter

    IRRITATING! I handle it by planting land mines around myself. There is simply no other way.

  • mrsjones5

    Define clingy.

  • mythreesons

    I agree because

    Clingy could mean 'it's GO time!' ;) or it could mean she doesn't feel good

    or....clingy could mean insecure. Depends on the time and place.

  • ShirleyW

    Is anybody else picking up the vibe that this Sr. Hor Hey guy is really Miz aka George trying to fool us with a new fake name?

    Someone outed him last week with the translation of the whole new Spanish name, plus the fact that Sr. Hor Hey posted a pic of him at a past assembly of some hot black guy last week in another post and said it was him, like Miz has done in the past?

    Miz is playing us like playing hide and seek with a three year old who goes hiding and thinks nobody else can see them.

  • NewChapter

    no, no, no.

    Clingy: while this is not a definition (Mrs. J) it is a list of things that are clingy. Thorns, thistles, burrs, boogers, parasites, and nylons on skirts.

    BOUNCE and CLING-FREE have made, oh I don't know, TRILLIONS of dollars preventing the cling. We will move heaven and earth to prevent the cling. We will pour poisons on our children's heads to get rid of lice. The clingly little bastards.

    And while clingy is sometimes disguised as something positive, like velcro, have you ever washed velcro with something fuzzy????? THAT can ruin an entire afternoon that you wanted to spend at the museum, but now have to spend pulling fibers out of velcro---strand by freaking strand!

    Oh, just don't get me started. Go with landmines. Trust me on this one.


  • NewChapter

    Is anybody else picking up the vibe that this Sr. Hor Hey guy is really Miz aka George trying to fool us with a new fake name?

    Shirley, this was already established and admitted to after his first post.

  • theBGB

    My ex used the clingy-bit as a form of guilt-manipulation/control.... I could barely ever leave the house (unless at her request) without her laying the guilt trip and it turning into a fight. Going to my Uni library and the Gym were the worst because those were 'optional' activities that would only better myself, and anything I did to better myself would increase the chances of another femail actually noticing me, and as far as my ex was concerned as soon as that happened I'd be gone. Which is as far from my character as you can get, and I always resented her for both keeping me from doing things so offten and for thinking so little of me that Id cheat on her with the first pretty girl that smiled at me. Work and classes were pretty much the only time she wouldn't make me feel like an asshole for leaving the apartment.

  • theBGB

    and here I am gettin all serious again... sorry that turned into a rant lol I'm still working on the damage my ex did to me as well as the WTS :P


    A man either likes or dislikes a clingy women depending on the agenda he has.

    What most women can’t stand is a needy man.

    These and other gems of wisdom brought to you by the Gladiator - at no cost.

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