What a beautiful God we have! NOT!

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  • Botzwana
  • Iamallcool

    you have a very important PM.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Where on the "ark" was this particular bug stored? Some hapless goat was to be the designated carrier of all the loathsome bugs and parasites maybe? Who got the guinea worm? Who got the bot fly? Who among the humans got the pubic lice?

  • cantleave

    Hey Botz where do you stand on the god thing now?

  • cantleave

    Hey Botz where do you stand on the god thing now?

  • glenster

    The problem with condemning a God idea that way is you have to not only
    dislike the bad of life, which most everyone would agree with yet find beauty
    in life, but condemn life. The harder you try with it, the less appeal there
    is to the stance.

  • Finkelstein
    "Children have imaginary friends; adults have gods."
    "Even if a God as described in the Bible does exist, he is not fit for worship due to his low moral standards." — Tim Maroney.
    "Find God ? Why, is God missing ?"
    "Gods are immortal but not eternal." — Ancient greek saying.
    "The great god Ra, whose shrine once covered acres, is filler now for crossword puzzle makers." — Keith Preston.
    "Those are the longest leaps of logic I've seen since 'I don't know where the universe came from' —> 'God must have done it'. Impressive."
    "On the sixth day God created man. On the seventh day, man returned the favor."
    "What can you say about a society that says God is dead and Elvis is alive ?"
    "It's hard to accept 'we don't fully know yet', but it's a much better answer than 'god'."
    "Once you write down 'god' as an answer for something, you stop looking at the problem, or worse, it becomes taboo to look at the problem."
    "If God created us in his own image, we have more than reciprocated."
    "It says he made us all to be just like him. So if we're dumb, then god is dumb, and maybe even a little ugly on the side." — Frank Zappa.
    "I think that God, in creating man, somewhat overestimated his ability."
    "God is a drunken college freshman from some alien race and we're his science fair project. We got third place." — Ben.
    "According to the bible, God is a tantrum-throwing, vindictive, misogynistic, apparently insecure all-powerful entity." — JoNa.
    "Yahweh is like the cheerleaders in high school... petty, vindictive, cliquish, and vain."
  • MrFreeze

    C'mon, how can you not love a God who sends bears to kill dozens of kids because they cracked a bald joke?

  • cantleave

    Poor god is getting a hard time here, let me defend it.......

    OTH Why bother?

  • factfinder

    If god exists he is not worthy of worship or being loved.

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