I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Dark Shadows

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  • TOTH

    I watched Buffy too and CHARMED after I was grown of course since I'm old...LOL Once in Albuquerque one sister's son took a SKELETOR action figure to play with at the hall. My brother and I watched HE MAN religiously and we were in our twenties already...LOL We laughed!

    When I was in about fifth grade some kids were talking about King Kong vs Godzilla coming on Friday night on the Creepy Creature Feature. we asked our folks if we could watch it and my dad said NO. Because GOD was in the name of one of the characters....

  • talesin

    Bewitched was NO (witchcraft, bad) ,, Jeannie was YES (genies fairytale, okay) ... Star Trek YES (sci-fi okay)

    My favorite, though, was The Amazing Kreskin. That was a definite NO, and corporal punishment would ensue.

    I used to sneak that, and still love Kreskin to this day. :))

    crazy JWS!


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I heard that as well designs. That if u tried to change the channel or turn it off, hands came out and turned it back on, which is just stupid. Uh it's a demon, why wouldn't he just turn the TV on by itself. Why the show? Except that it's a stupid JW rumour with zero basis in fact

  • TOTH

    I heard back in the early 70's in albuquerque how a sister had turned on DARK SHADOWS because the channel was left on that station. when she tried to change it she was SHOVED back from the set and the volume went up all the way. ANYTHING to prove that Sa-tahhn was forcing us to bend to his will. B S!!!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I was not a JW when I watched Bewitched and Jeannie. But as an adult JW, I still watched Hercules and Xena. My JW wife liked them too. I suppose it was an advantage not having kids and not worrying about the influence. I logged Star Trek and The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager.

  • talesin

    ooooo, the DEMUNZ!!!! I thought I had demunz in my puter, cause no images would display ...

    turned out that my flashplayer had crashed due to updates being blocked by an antivirus program I forgot to uninstall.

    hahaha on YOU , satan!


  • talesin

    OTWO,,, I watched He-Man as an adult, too. By the Power of Greyskull! I AM THE POWER!

  • TOTH

    THE EXORCIST!!! OMG! And I remember a doosh co named Mega that BANNED R rated movies. He actually told the congregation that if we were seen IN LINE at a R rated movie to expect to be called into the little room and be df'd!

  • biometrics

    By the Power of Greyskull! I AM THE POWER!

    That was the He-Man line my mum hated the most. She said it sounded demonic.

    However Bewitched was OK with her, despite constant spells, items floating around the house ... ???

  • exwhyzee

    We discouraged from watching "Touched By An Anvil Angel."

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