How Does One Get Into The GB?

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  • MC RubberMallet
    MC RubberMallet

    The whole idea of a Governing Body being a scriptural entity is fishy...

  • MrFreeze

    So the GB calls people who partake crazy. Are they calling themselves crazy? I'd like to think so.

  • blondie


    Baptized jw

    Partaking of the emblems for a few years

    Over 30

    Elder preferably CO or DO

    Get noticed and called to Bethel be observed more closely by the male jws in charge

    Good at brownnosing and sucking up;


    BTW the term "governing body" does not occur in the bible, not even the NWT

    Until around 1970, the WTS only referred to the first century as having a GB and only with lower case letters. After the WTS board of directors was no longer considered in charge spiriitually, the Govering Body can into existence. Imagine lower case for the apostles but upper case for the 20th WTS GB.

    *** w71 2/1 p. 81 par. 26 Proclaiming Good News World Wide ***These fulfill their responsibility to provide spiritual food “at the proper time,” doing so through the governing body. This governing body is closely associated with the board of anointed directors of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.

    *** w71 12/15 p. 757 A Governing Body as Different from a Legal Corporation ***According to the apostolic example of the first century C.E., these dedicated, baptized Christians known today as Jehovah’s witnesses have a governing body, as specifically noted from the year 1944 onward. This governing body has through the years been associated with the publishers of the WatchTower magazine and the Board of Directors of the legal religious corporation now known as Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania. According to Pennsylvania law, this corporation must hold annual corporation meetings at its registered offices in Pittsburgh, Pa., or elsewhere as duly voted upon, and must elect directors to fill the vacancies of those whose three-year term of office is expiring, and also to transact all necessary obligations. From among the full board of seven directors, all of whom are dedicated, baptized, spirit-anointed Christians, the officers of the Society must be elected.

  • therevealer

    Something smells fishy cuz these boyz, from ms right up to gb be fishers. Now just cuz they is fishers of men does not take away the fishy smell.

  • therevealer

    *** w00 1/1 p. 29 New Members of the Governing Body ***
    New Members of the Governing Body
    ON Saturday, October 2, 1999, the Annual Meeting of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania was concluded with a surprise announcement. The 10,594 in attendance or connected by tie line were thrilled to hear that four new members had been added to the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. The new members, all anointed Christians, are Samuel F. Herd; M. Stephen Lett; Guy H. Pierce; and David H. Splane.
    • Samuel Herd started pioneering in 1958, and from 1965 to 1997, he was in the circuit and district work. Thereafter, he and his wife, Gloria, have been part of the United States Bethel family, where Brother Herd has been working in the Service Department. He was also serving as a helper to the Service Committee.
    • Stephen Lett started pioneering in December 1966, and from 1967 to 1971, he served at Bethel in the United States. In October 1971, he married his wife, Susan, and went into the special pioneer service. From 1979 to 1998, he served as a circuit overseer. Since April 1998, he and Susan have been part of the United States Bethel family. There he has worked in the Service Department and was a helper to the Teaching Committee.
    • Guy Pierce raised a family and then with his wife started pioneering in April 1982. He served as a circuit overseer from 1986 until 1997, when he and his wife, Penny, became part of the United States Bethel family. Brother Pierce had been serving as a helper to the Personnel Committee.
    • David Splane started pioneering in September 1963. A graduate of the 42nd class of Gilead, he served as a missionary in Senegal, Africa, then for 19 years in the circuit work in Canada. He and his wife, Linda, have been at Bethel in the United States since 1990, where Brother Splane has worked in the Service and Writing departments. Since 1998, he had been a helper to the Writing Committee.
    In addition to the four new members, the Governing Body now consists of C. W. Barber, J. E. Barr, M. G. Henschel, G. Lösch, T. Jaracz, K. F. Klein, A. D. Schroeder, L. A. Swingle, and D. Sydlik. It is the prayer of all that Jehovah will continue to bless and strengthen the Governing Body, now enlarged, as it continues to oversee the activities of God's people around the world and serve their spiritual interests.

  • therevealer

    Man oh man. I just realized something. Each and everyone of these poor buggers has earned the right to their penthouse suites and maid service. I can't imagine the hours (even if they faked some of them) coming up through the ranks, and the ass kissing. Pretending, first to yourself, and then to everyone else that you are special. Yuk, just yuk. Eww.

  • Knowsnothing

    Ray gives similar testimony to what the revealer posted. Being a nephew of Freddy didn't exactly hurt either, so let's review the qualifications.

    1.) What Blondie already said

    2.) nepotism

    Benefits include:

    1.) tenure

    2.) all paid expense trips around the world

    3.) control of a medium-size religion numbering about 7 million

    4.) authority over God and Jesus

    5.) ability to silence all opposition via DF

  • therevealer

    @Knowsnothing - still not worth it. Yuk.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I don't recall anyone here informing us who took over the GB since Ted Jaracz died. Nobody has been appointed since then either. So I will comment on the Jaracz era.

    Ted was clearly in charge by some sort of self-appointment. Ted made sure that only idiotic yes-men who would rubber-stamp his plans would get into the GB. It seemed much like already described in this thread, but the blind obedience to Ted was important.

    With such kiss-ass yes-men, I imagine Ted didn't want any new members coming in that might upset his majority. It made me feel that more critical doctrine changes were coming. Well, what came definitely needed those yes-men: the overlap generation. With that finished and Ted dead, any idiot who catches on could seize control of this group and start putting their own admiring fans into the GB now.

    Just a wild guess, but I would wlexpect that some retiring WTS lawyer or accountant (or some of both) would be appointed soon.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    MC Hammer & Blondie nailed it, IMO. We had a CO who was a GB reject. Donald Arnot. Word on the street was exactly as Blondie described. He was called back to Bethel for "observation" and didn't make the cut. Holy Spirit was clearly at work. He was a most disagreeable little man. My daughter called him "Rumpelstiltskin".

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