Creation, evolution, the flood and science - Is the Bible without error?

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    I cannot see the first page of this thread.

    However, to address the thread's question, the bible is full of errors - after all, the Israelites had absolutely no form of science whatsoever, in their primitive, nomadic lifestyle during the late Bronze Age and Iron Age time periods.

    Also, the biblical Israelites/Hebrews were most certainly NOT noted for any scientific discoveries nor advancement.

    Compare their miniscule 'scientific' contributions to those from other ancient civilizations, such as the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, and so on.

    It wasn't until the Hebrews were scattered to the four winds of the earth and were exposed to REAL scientific inquiry within OTHER nations, that the Jewish peoples bagan developing some reputation for being scholars of science.

    Before that time, they tended to take a complacent attitude somewhat similar to the one seen in fundamentalist Christians today - in essence, "God said it, I believe it, That settles it..."

    One can look at the first 20 verses of the first book of the bible and find multiple, GLARING scientific errors in the "creation" accounts alone.


  • cofty

    Did we ever get that link that proves some ancients believed in a simple version of evolution? - New Chapter

    No I think it was yet another hit-and-run.

    Isn't it cute when creationists think they have evidence for their fairy stories? Its a great relief not having to perform mental gymnastics anynmore.

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    Oh boy!

  • NewChapter

    Its a great relief not having to perform mental gymnastics anynmore.

    SUCH an amazing relief! My brain is at peace, and an incredible weight was lifted! That's a lot of work keeping up the cognitive dissonance. I am free to look at what is, and without twisting it and reshaping it, just take it in and make conclusions. It took an awful lot of work to be a believer---but not good work---very uncomfortable work that always felt very wrong.


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    God is Grate!

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    God is ........

  • dark angle
    dark angle

    God is the ultimate superstition invented, a vestage from our ignorant past.

    that is my view, until otherwise proven :)

    “We can judge our progress by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers, our willingness to embrace what is true rather than what feels good.”
    ? Carl Sagan

  • Andrew Sh
    Andrew Sh

    Sorry about that!! Soldier abandoned his post due to life, tiredness, and need to attend to other things.

    Before catching up and answering previous posts I have a question for myself: Leaving aside evolution/creation for a minute:-

    Do Atheists not need to be experts in theology? Do they need to know everything about the Bible? It would help: But I suppose to debunk the Bible, seeing as it claims to be the Inerrant Word of God, all of it, then they only need to show it is in error in one point. The Inerrancy of the Bible is like a great big bubble inviting us to burst it. The Atheist only needs to bring along a small little pin and burst it in one point. He doesn't need to show knowledge of the whole Bible. The one defending the Bible, he needs to have some ability on all points, but the attacker, he only needs to overcome in one point. So an Atheist only needs to show the Bible is incorrect, say when it is talking about the origin of life: he only needs to show that, for instance, evolution is true and Genesis 1 to 6 is wrong, and the whole bubble of Biblical Infallibilty bursts, the whole edifice comes tumbling down. Of course, the same holds for all ideas: if you can show that an idea is wrong in one essential part then the whole idea is debunked. The same can be said for evolutionary theory: it only needs a small little pin to prick it in one small essential and it bursts. I only need to attack in one small point, I don't need to know everything about evolutionary theory, which is just as well: you defenders and believers in it, you need to have at least some knowledge in a vast complex of knowledge: paleontology, geology, biology, micro-biology, genetics, and maybe also astronomy and the supposed age of the solar system, and all sorts; you need to be able to see a defence in all these areas; to be good defenders of evolutionist you need to know it holds up in all areas.

    It would also help if you knew the arguments against evolutionary theory presented by opposers: perhaps to have read "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis" by Michael Denton, not a Christian or Jew or even as far as I know a Theist of any description; or "Bone of Contention" by Sylvia Baker, a clear introduction; or "Darwin's Black Box" by Michael Behe, an argument from the Intelligent Design movement, (there are many systems in organisms which simply couldn't have evolved, they are too complex); or "Darwin on Trial" by Phillip E. Johnson; or "Refuting Evolution" or "The Greatest Hoax on Earth?" both by Jonathan Sarfati; or "What Darwin didn't know" by Geoffrey Simmons, an overview of the complexity of the human body.

    Also, to be able to measure the truthfulness or otherwise of evolutionary theory you ideally need to have no invested interest in the outcome of your analysis. You should ideally not have your livelihood built on a preference for one of the answers. You should be entirely free to reach one or the other decision... free from financial motivation, free from peer pressure, free from a fear of losing your job if you reach the "wrong" verdict.

    I suppose I could argue that in order to be able to assess the scientific evidence of evolutionary theory you also must be a Christian who has submitted his life to God and believes the Bible in all other respects. Why? Because a Christian is the only one whose life need not change depending on the outcome of his investigations: he could change his view on Genesis 1-6 from a literalist interpretation to a figurative interpretation depending on his decision about evolutionary theory. However, the non Christian, if he decides that evolutionary theory is false, he faces the uncomfortable possibility that there is a God to whom he must one day give an account of his life. There is much to play for, there is a whole life to change if he finds the scientific evidence does not support evolution: the more comfortable option is to go along with evolutionary theory.

    Anyone who chooses to believe the Biblical account of creation and reject evolution must also face the possibility of ridicule, insult, attacks on their sanity, intellectual honesty, and a whole host of other attacks: "Your head is in the sand", "Where have you been for the last 150 years?", "What hole have you just crawled out of?", etc, etc.

    I must post this, its getting too long.

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    The Bible is Geo-Centric and that's where the wheels come off the wagon.

    Universal Sovereignty will be settled on this little planet.....

  • bohm

    So which books on evolution did you read? For the record i have read books and articles against evolution.

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