Pioneers and Their Way of Counting "Time"

by Eiben Scrood 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • sir82
    what is a good ballpark figure to keep the hounders off?

    I'd say somewhere around 5 hours per month.

    Obviously don't so exactly 5 every month - some months 3, others 7, etc.

    5 hours is low enough that they won't consider you for any "special privileges", but it's just above the typical "low hour mark" (maybe 2 or 3) that can at times set off a round of "shepherding calls" to "encourage" you.

    Throw in 2 or 4 magazines per month, an RV or 2, and a book or brochure every 3 or 4 months, and you'll be golden.

    You can write up your whole year's worth of service reports right now! Of course be careful that you only drop them in the box one at a time....

  • yourmomma

    when i pioneered at first i didnt cheat, after a while i found my fellow pioneers couting times in ridiculus ways. then i made the mistake of not making my time and i was threatened with removal. i explained if everyone counted time like they were suposse to, the majority of people would not make there time. well "we're not talking about them" was the reply. so from that day forward i started cheating. towards the end i was trying to work full time and pioneer. it got to the point where i would just write 90 hours in, and its odd, i didnt even feel bad about that cause of the hypocricy.

  • rebel8

    Yeah it's messed up.

    Some people would "start their time" by dropping off old magazines at a laundromat by their house so they could rationalize counting time on the way to the kh, during service mtg, and back to territory.

    Others would do return visits all day and plan them so they'd have to cross town each time, spending most the day in the car. And, to boot, some would deliberately visit when they knew the householder wasn't home, so they could go back another day and count time again.

    Also we were told to count time on breaks and lunch, or visiting sick dubs in the hospital/at home (not spiritually weak, just ill).

    Another game was sitting in cafes talking almost loud enough about spiritual matters that others could overhear. "incidental witnessing"

    Oooh, and hand writing letters one by one and mailing them to houses in the territory instead of photocopying to save time.

    Because "jehoopla is a kind boss who's liberal with the time sheets". lol

    I didn't count the bogus time. I was forced to pioneer so I refused to report any time I didn't actually put in. I never made my hours. I was pressured to report more and I said it bothered my conscience to lie. That really pissed people off. lol

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