Finally, a simple cure for depression

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  • talesin

    ahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! *wipes tears from eyes* positive-sphincking!!!

    NOT Malarkey, Effective Way!, A lovely treatise on the power of positive-sphincking. PS Added bonus; if all goes well, I'll be able to use my anus as a pencil sharpener....


  • Knowsnothing

    Saved my life!!!, May 5, 2012

    Wow. This must sound crazy but this book saved my life. Before reading this book my life was a wreck and I was considering ending it. I found this book and bought it. It was my last hope and I was not disappointed. After learning various techniques on how to properly constrict my anus I started trying it out. It was amazing!! Only two weeks later I had lost 50 pounds and got a job in politics. now I'm happily married and have adopted two African children. I have invested in a new time travel technology which has been very profitable and am running for house in 2014 and 1982! I completely endorse this book and would strongly suggest you buy it and start constricting your anus today! :) BUY THIS BOOK

  • bigmouth

    I work with an Iranian guy and sometimes, when we're together in the van, going to a job, I look across at him squirming in the drivers seat and I wonder if, maybe, he's read this book.

  • cedars

    I would definitely associate this book with one's anus, but perhaps not in the way the author intended.

    It seems he's found a way to write as well as talk out of it.

    I wonder if he understands what depression actually is?


  • chicken little
    chicken little

    This is catchy, I am doing it in time to my local pop station, lal pinch, lallah pinch, hoho pinch, yeah yeah pinch...just worried I may have an accident.!

  • Twitch

    I think the real cure for depression here is reading this book, not it's recommendations...


  • talesin

    hey, thanks Rebel,, you make two kinds of posts ... super funny, and very wise. We are lucky to have you here.

    ( I love saying LUCKY --- LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!!!! wth is 'fortunate' anyways? )

    lol Twitch!


  • sir82

    So, in other words, if I practice this I'll be a ....

    wait for it.....

    wait for it....


  • rebel8

    hey, thanks Rebel,, you make two kinds of posts ... super funny, and very wise. We are lucky to have you here.

    hey talesin...thanks so much. I enjoy your posts too.

    I had a rotten day today so it's nice to hear a compliment. It would have been a crappy day except I forgot to constrict my anus. lol

    For those who thought this is funny, check out a site called uhpinions. It's really, really funny IMO. That's where I got this from.

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