The GB is Being Careless With People's Lives

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  • 00DAD

    At the risk of sounding crass and unfeeling (which I am NOT) the GB has been careless about peoples' for as long as they've been pretending to be "God's Spokesman." Before them Franz, Knorr, Rutherford and Russell were more interested in their own personal agendas than the health, safety and welfare of anyone else.

    Why should you expect them to be any different now?

    They're just doing what they've always been doing. This is only more of the same. Note that the GB members aren't going. No, they're safe in their "Watchtowers" where they'll be watching others take the risks while they take the credit.

    Anyone noticing a pattern here?

  • What Now?
    What Now?

    Hi all! I just wanted to post an update to this.

    So my sister has posted a letter from the society on her fridge regarding this trip.

    The letter says in part that they are not to tell the Isreali airport security that they are there for the purpose of preaching. They are supposed to make it appear that they are solely there for pleasure, and basically have to prove that they are there as tourists by providing a sort of itinerary of where they are going to be visiting. The letter also says that the security process at the airports may be "uncomfortable" for some (wth does that mean?!)

    Another brother who is going on this trip has heard that these ******* speaking Jews are notoriously "mean", and have been known to throw rocks and such at the witnesses.

    The Canadian governments advisory is still "avoid all non essential travel" and "avoid all travel" to the areas to which they have been assigned.

    Anyways as it stands, the campaign is still on. And it's hard to talk my sister out of going since she believes that either Jehovah will protect them, or that it's worth dying or getting badly injured for the cause.

    In short, still extremely frustrated.

  • WildeLover

    What now???

    that is disgraceful. i am disgusted at this but what can one do? your reasoning is sound and she does not listen.

    this is not going to go down well.

    I was in Israel a few weeks ago and i was put through my paces getting out of the country and i was only there for one day. Bethlehem is not safe. Jerusalem is ok but it's crazy.

    how long will the trip be?


  • JakeM2012

    For years, Jehovah's Witnesses have been using the "Tourist Visa" to get their work done without having to go through the proper governmental and embassary protocol. I "volunteered" to go to several Central and South American countries and we were always on tourist visa's because it cost "too" much to get a residency visa or other type of visa. "Tourist" built the branches in central and south america, many times bringing in materials, parts, etc to circumvent customs and tariffs. They would have a local brother take you down to get an extension on the tourist visa and they would lie about what you were doing. If you were caught you were on your own. But they would use you as a mule to carry stuff in and out of the country on your personally paid for air travel ticket. So it didn't cost them anything. Sometimes, you could get 1-3 months on a tourist visa depending on the country. If your time ran out the local branch was reluctant to pay for the cost of leaving the country and returning. The local branch even wanted you to do it on your days off, so you wouldn't miss any work.

    It is all this monopoly shell game and money that was indirectly donated for the cost of travel to build all these branches that they are closing down now. I know that the airfare paid for by brothers providing their own transportation cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for each branch. Now WT is cashing in on those buildings that were built to survive Harmegedon and serve as the center of worship in each of these areas. I assume that with the merging of the central american branches that El Salvador, and Costa Rica are being sold. Does anyone know?

    You might mention that if your sister is a "chosen" delegate, IRS standards indicate that she can deduct alot of the trip. Check the latest tax code.

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