How Can Members of JWN Be Classified as Apostates When They Are Only Telling The Story as it Really is?

by Yura Ivanova 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Yura Ivanova
    Yura Ivanova

    This term apostates, sure there are many that [deviate] from the [true] message.

    But how can those that sit in the pews be the ones that can be called Apostates if they stand up and tell it like it is?

    Apostate, its just [another] of [many] labels that are used by the Watchtower so as to instill fear, so that no one will question the Establishment.

    But, Jesus and others before him rose up to tell the story how it really is, and see what happened to them, nothing has really changed, the [false] story still goes on.

    But, those who have doubts, know that the Watchtower is full of shit nonsense, my question is, why are you still there? Will it get you anywhere by remaining? If you know its shit wrong, then why are you still there? Why do you put up with it?

    Are you afraid of being labelled as an Apostate if you stand up and speak out?

    In actual fact you will not be an Apostate, as Apostates dont tell the truth, they tell lies, but many members on here have only spoken [the truth] in the face of Apostasy of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Cult, so if you [who lurk] and you have doubts, and you know and fell that the Watchtower is wrong, and you want to do something about it, then what are you waiting for?

  • cantleave

    I am proud to be classed as an apostate by JW's. It means I have stood up against their lies and hypocrisy.

  • Yura Ivanova
    Yura Ivanova

    Cantleave, you aint no Apostate, but have spoken out against it, and as you have said have stood up against their outright falsehood and lies, but we need a mass demonstration, at Kingdom Halls, outside Branch Offices, writing blogs, so that those that run the Watchtower can feel the pain by the means of our anger.

  • clearpoison

    From JW theology point of view exactly this that things are discussed and not held within yourself is the bad thing.


  • Fernando

    Hey Yura Ivanova!

    To hide their apostasy religionists frequently redefine key words.

    Apostasy is actually spiritual unfaithfulness, adultery, fornication or prostitution of which the modern day Pharisees and Sanhedrin are guilty of by way of teaching and advancing religion (proselytising) instead of the "unabridged good news" (evangelising).

    It is no accident that a Watchtower religionist is unable to explain the "good news" according to Paul, Moses, Isaiah, Psalms and others from the heart.

    Watchtower religionists correctly point out that they are not sons of God, and consequently can only be speaking of the devil when they refer to their "father".

  • blond-moment

    I call myself an apostate, you bet. I make videos and call myself an apostate. Witnesses came to the door the other day, and I told them I was a "full fledged in your face apostate" (she didn't run however, she asked questions)
    I wear the label proudly. I can now see thru all the lies, manipulations, etc etc, coming from the WT. Their tricks no longer work on me. That is why apostates are so feared by the men in charge, Apostate = "we have no control over them" We are free.

  • Phizzy

    In one definition of the word "Apostate" we are all , apart from the odd apologist on here, Apostates.

    Apostate: "A person who abandons a belief or principle". Compact Oxford Dictionary.

    Of course the WT has demonised the word and uses it in a pejorative way, whereas the truth is that all JW's are Apostates in some way, they have left a former religion or belief system, and/or they have abandoned the beleifs that JW's held years ago, so have "apostasised" from the religion as it was, albeit at the behest of the GB and its never-ending "Noo Lite ".

    To abandon the beliefs of the WT/JW's is the only course for lovers of truth.

    If they want to try to frighten those still in into not talking to me by labelling me an Apostate then , like the honourable Cantleave, I am proud to wear the label.

    The WT spews lies and hatred against any who have left, and their opinions on the Internet, purely as a fear-mongering, mind-control method to keep their members entrapped, and to keep them from the real Truth.

  • Yura Ivanova
    Yura Ivanova

    I agree with you all 100%, but it is the Watchtower that should be wearing the label, how can someone who speaks the truth in the face of flasehood rightly be called apostate?

    I know, and associate with all your pain and grief, but I too have suffered and lost and have been subjected to all manner of lies, but this thing from hell has had its day, and ours is coming when we witness its collapse, and not before time, but this collpase has nothing to do with the end of time, and I wonder how these demons from hell will explain away to their follwers how Dog's [chosen] Organization collapsed and all without Armageddon coming? But, I think that many are waking up to the truth about the truth.

    But, just to Ice the Cake, we need one really big explosive and exposive case so as to make that certainty come true.

    This may be my last time posting, not only is my health very bad, but I am off to not so calm waters, and where posting or communicating may be very difficult.

    I am happy to be out of Dog's Organization, and have never looked back. I lost a lot, but have met someone new, and we will marry, despite my now rapidly ailing health.

    Yeah, the Borg screwed my life and family up, but I learned from it in a very big way, and also from other EXJW members that have suffered greatly, what a sad and painful way to pay attention to a wake up call.

    My heart goes out to all those on here that have suffered greatly. You are not Apostates, but you are the real heroes that had the guts to stand up and say no, regardless of the cost.

  • Yura Ivanova
    Yura Ivanova

    Blond Moment, I will look at your videos, and if I can, I will use them on my own blog.

    By the way, the Watchtower is GOING DOWN BIG TIME here in Russia, and REPRESENTATIVES from the Branch office have got off LIGHTLY by just being DEPORTED. The Watchtower is officially BANNED in Russia.

  • blindnomore

    Hi Yura! I am very sorry all the pain and suffer you went thru because of the Dog's Orgarnization. I have fellow feeling for you.

    Although I am going to disagree with you on how you call the borg: Dog's Orgarnization. LOL. I am a first time dog owner for about 8 months now and I tell you I have been learning more good qualities from my dogs in last 8 months than I have with the borg for 25 years. Dogs are awesome!

    Last I checked, some times last year in the WT magazine, that things were supposedly going better for the borg. It sounds like that isn't the case at least as of today. Has the Borg officially been banned recently in entire Russia I understand their work had been banned in Moscow a while ago. Would you like to share any more information on that?

    Congregulations on your new marriage! I wish you best as you are dealing with your failing health

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