How Can Members of JWN Be Classified as Apostates When They Are Only Telling The Story as it Really is?

by Yura Ivanova 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Yura Ivanova
    Yura Ivanova

    They were banned in 3 states, now they are banned in all states in the RF. They cant go door to door, they cant carry a Bible or WT literature, and cant speak unless spoken to. Its like this now in Hong Kong as well. Its a bit like the French situation after they wouldnt pay their taxes. I dont speak Russian, only a little, live in a small place, so everybody knows me, I am the only foreigner, and the WT, being as they are, sent their litle dogs to see me on many occassions, the last time i lost it with them and told them the next time i would call the Militia [Police]. They understood this because the guy that came could speak English, and I think, no matter where you go in the world, that everyone knows what FUCK OFF means.

    Putin was re-elected in January, and was sworn back into office 2 days ago, it will only get tougher. Though Russia seems to be like Europe more and more now, Russia doesnt tolerate dangerous cults and Russia has demonstrated this in banning the Watchtower, and I know 3 representatives from St Petersburg have been deported.

    Last year, David Semen[onion] made a video in response to Russias action, guess what? Russia doesnt give a fuck about the Watchtower, and neither do I.

    The Government in Europe and Ameri a should follow suit and take action especially where the lives of youngsters are involved, but as you all know, the death and decline has begun and only a matter of time before the rigor mortice sets in and this cult raises its ugly head no more.

  • blindnomore

    Thank you for further information. I didn't know the same thing going on in Hong Kong. Interesting development!

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