A Brief History of Racism in Watchtower Publications

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  • cedars

    Hi Joliette, thanks for that, I understand what you're saying. I appreciate that a truly indoctrinated Witness won't even look at the article, and if they did, they would still find reason to either disbelieve the contents or continue with their allegiance regardless. I'm aware that no amount of reason or logic can get through to a truly indoctrinated person.

    However, the article is intended for "thinking Witnesses" and those who are prepared to think objectively. I believe there are a growing number of such ones trapped in the organization who are searching the internet for balanced material that doesn't smack of bitter/vengeful apostasy in only the first few sentences. They want material that is understanding and respectful of their beliefs, but still tells it like it is. I'm trying to write more articles from this perspective. There are positive signs that the race article is getting through to some such ones already, which I find very pleasing!


  • slimboyfat
  • cedars

    Thanks slimboyfat, I will check those out.

    Maybe one day my brief history can become a bit more comprehensive!!

    Cheers for the heads up...


  • finallysomepride

    bookmarked & going to bed

  • trillaz

    Very good information I never knew. I'm bookmarking and taking notes.

  • cedars

    Thanks trillaz, it was an eye-opener for me when I was first researching it.


  • The Quiet One
  • Oculos Aperire
    Oculos Aperire

    From the 'Consolation' Magazine 1942 - Page 27

    Incredible that the Society though it the decent thing to blank out what us obviously an expletive before the 'N' word but keep the even more offensive 'N' word there for all to read. Says something about their atitude back then don't you think?

  • whathappened

    Wow, this is some damaging information about the Society's past. I wonder when it was that Jehovah changed his mind about racism? At least the black race wasn't annihilated by Jehovah like so many other national groups in the old testiment. Soon, Jehovah's Witnesses can look forward to 7 billion people of all races being permanently destroyed. They will then be happified.

  • Jeffro

    The racist comments in early Watch Tower Society literature reflect the prevailing racist attitudes common at the time in general society. They don't indicate that the WTS was more racist. This doesn't mean the things published by the WTS were good, it just means it's just another 'worldly' organisation.

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