Scans of WT vs. bound volume: Paul saying work finished "by end of 20th century" changed to "in our time"

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  • tomrobbins

    Hello, looking for the actual scans...

    I have looked through the search function here on JWN but can't find the actual scans of the magazine that states something like: "Paul said that this preaching work will be finished by the end of the 20th century" and then scans of the bound volume of that same issue where the wording is changed to something like: "Paul said that the preaching work will be finished in our day". There are the direct quotes available in the JWN search but I'd really like to have the actual scans of the pages.

    Does anyone have the PDFs that they could post?

    My JW mom was ripping on the Mormons for changing their doctrine in printed word the other day... so this would be interesting to have on hand if she brings stuff like that up again.


    -Kudra (signed in on someone else's account)

  • tomrobbins

    I am interested in getting the above scans after reading this great post on changes in the "Truth Book", complete with scans of the offending pages.


  • jwfacts
  • jwfacts

    This is not going to help your mum though. She will just accuse it of being photoshopped.

  • tomrobbins

    Great -thanks a lot, JWFacts!

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    How about a quotation from your mom's own WT Library CD? If she doesn't have one, she needs to get one. It surprises me that they haven't changed the CD version.

    Shortly, within our twentieth century, the “battle in the day of Jehovah” will begin against the modern antitype of Jerusalem, Christendom. Know Jehovah (book) 1971, chap. 12, p. 216 par. 9 “Until He Comes Who Has the Legal Right”

    Note how close it was to 1975.

    Len Miller
  • tomrobbins

    Ah, perhaps, JWFacts -I'm not sure that she would think that. But perhaps.

    FatFreek, that is another gem, thanks.

  • Leolaia

    Here is another one:

    *** w75 5/1 p. 275 par. 16 Why We Have Not Been Told “That Day and Hour” ***

    As a comparison of the Scriptures with the events of history indicates, from verse 29 in the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew’s account down to the end of chapter 25, the events described are ones that reach their climax during the time period since 1914 C.E. Some of these events, of course, had their beginning in the first century, but the finale to which they point is in the twentieth century.

  • Crisis of Conscience
  • RayPublisher

    Here's a graphic I found of this fakery from the 1989 WT

    1989 WT altered

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